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Vital Information For Your Srilanka tour package In 2018

Srilanka tour package

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  • Provide information about places of interest in Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan culture and Sri Lanka beaches.
  • What are the must-included tourist attractions in your Srilanka tour package?
  • What kind of accommodation available for your Srilanka tour package on the island, from luxury boutique properties to cheap accommodation and find the best price for Sri Lanka accommodation.
  • How to travel around Sri Lanka by private vehicle or public transport.
  • What type of food can be expected during your Srilanka tour package, from street food to boutique hotels?
  • How to find the best time for your Sri Lanka tour package.
  • How to be healthy during your Sri Lanka tour package.
  • Travelling in Sri Lank with families.
  • Backpacking in Sri Lanka or book your Srilanka road trip with a tour operator.
  • Sample tour itineraries.

Sri Lanka tour packages

What most travellers find interesting about Srilanka tour package?

elephants pinnawala

Sri Lanka (about Sri Lanka) is a beautiful country and it is well worth having a Srilanka tour package. This island is visited by 2 million tourists last year and number of foreign tourists expected to grow further in 2018. The island is visited by the large number of travellers from Europe, China, Arabian countries and travellers from the South Asian region.

Sri Lanka is a holiday destination with many possibilities, it may be a relaxing beach holiday that you are fancy about or it might be an adventure holiday package, cultural tour, or you like to explore the rainforest and wildlife parks, whatever it is there is something for you.

With regards to the expenses during your Srilanka tour package: it is not essential to spend a lot of money for your holiday here. Whether it is a Srilanka budget tour or luxury tour you can find the best accommodation facilities and other services depending on your budget. Most travellers in Sri Lanka organise their Srilanka tour package through a tour operator and they book package tours at their home country. The independent and backpacking travellers in Sri Lanka is proportionately lower compared to tourists, who book Srilanka package tours. There is a large number of places to explore in Sri Lanka covering all corners of the island. It is advisable to use the help of the local expert to organise a tour package to Sri Lanka covering most important places pending on your budget and availability of time.

beach sri lanka

Interactive Sri Lanka food tour

Beaches resorts of Sri Lanka

How much you spend for your Srilanka tour package is decided by you. Srilanka tour package can be the cheapest tour in 2018 for your or it could turn out to be the most expensive tour for you in 2018, all depends on your planning. If you plan your tour properly it is possible to reduce your daily expenses to $50 for 2 people, still with descent and clean accommodation and good food. Foods in Sri Lanka is very cheap compared to most holiday destination around the world. Same times you can find very clean, decent accommodation and transport at an incredibly very low rate. If you are eyeing at low-cost accommodation, there are many options such as guest house, rest houses, small hotels, dormitories and home-based accommodation called homestay accommodation.

If you look for luxurious Srilanka tour package with accommodation in luxury hotels and villas, there are plenty of options that you can choose from. Availability is great in this category of accommodation, therefore the price variation is also great. Rates are mainly regulated by the demand, therefore the prices of this type of accommodation shoot-up during the high occupancy period from November to April, during the rest of the year rates dip due to the low demand. If you look for a Srilanka tour package with luxury accommodation at affordable rates your best bet should be during the off-season.

Booking a Srilanka tour package with a local guide and entrance tickets might be a bit expensive but it saves a lot of time, while it enables you to have a hassle-free tour. Because all the sightseeing and transport organised by the local company, you can make sure it is up to the best possible perfection because they have the expertise and experience.


If you plan the transport and sightseeing tour your own by using public transport, it could be cheaper than with a local tour company. Even though it saves money, it is very time consuming if you opt for public transport methods such as buses and train travel and the comfort is at the lowest level. Hardly you can reach more than 1 important attraction per day using the busses and trains. You might spend about 11-14 days with local transport to cover what you see in 7 days tour with a private transport.

You will find the prices of entrance tickets in Sri Lanka are high especially for UNESCO world heritage sites, national parks and botanical gardens. It is possible to cut cost considerable by not visiting big sites but on the other hand, you should think of the experience you get by visiting them. If you are on a tight budget you can still find a lot of cheap or even cost-less attractions and activities to keep you busy during your Srilanka tour package.

Ella gap sri lanka

Finding the best accommodation for your budget

Usually, best prices for hotels can be obtained from the local tour operators, because they have the privilege of getting special discounted rates from local hotels. And on the other hand, online travel portals keep a big margin from all the reservation and it is usually 20%-25%. Therefore if you are serious about finding the best price for your accommodation, it is highly advisable to make hotel reservations through local tour operators.

The options for accommodation with local tour operators are great since they get special rates from all local hotels around the island and local tour operators provide accommodation only within the country. Almost all the online hotel booking sites are owned by the foreign companies and they promote only a few selected properties. If you discuss with a local tour operator about your budget and the type of accommodation you look for, they will organise the best accommodation for you.

Affordable Sri Lanka Beach Holiday

Best places for your beach holiday in Sri Lanka

We have already published several posts on Sri Lanka beaches, you can click through to take a look at that, same times we list some of the other informative blog posts written on Sri Lanka beaches so that you are exposed to wide range of vivid of information.

Hikkaduwa was the main beach holiday destination in Sri Lanka at the beginning of tourist stream to the island started in the 80’s. The main part of Hikkaduwa is crazy during the peak holiday season with a large number of tourist-packed into a narrow strip of beach. Still, Hikkaduwa is one of the most loved beach holiday destinations and there is a large number of repeat visitors, who show-up here almost every year. Hikkaduwa is known to be the heaven for backpackers in Sri Lanka and best suitable for travellers who like to anchor for a long period of time and travelling on the tight budget. There are only a few star class hotels to be found here, strong rips and big surf make Hikkaduwa is not ideal for small children.

But gradually the other beach holiday destinations such as Bentota claimed the most of the beach holiday lovers in the island during the last several decades. Today Bentota is the most popular beach resort in Sri Lanka and the biggest portion of beach lovers find their station here. Bentota is boasted to be the best-developed beach resort in the country with well-developed tourism infrastructure. It gives you the options for a wide range of accommodation facilities, activities, and services.

With the development of southern Sri Lanka and the addition of southern expressway, which curtails the transport time between Colombo and south coast considerably, the number of tourist heading for southern coast increased in the recent past. Beaches like Mirissa, Tangalle, Hambantota, Matara, Galle, Unawatuna getting busier and busier for the last several years and this trend will remain in the future as well, especially during the peak holiday season when the west coast beaches are crowded and cost for holidays in the west coast inflated. There are still peaceful, unpopular beaches on the west coast that enables you to escape from the crowd such as Ambalangoda, Wadduwa, Mt.Lavinia, Ahngama, Weligama. You might find them almost deserted even during the peak holiday season from November to April.

Entire Sri Lanka is surrounded by the Indian Ocean but some location cannot be recommended for beach holidays due to its inability to provide services required by the tourists. Places such as Jaffna, south-east coast and some parts of the east coast cannot still be recommended for a beach holiday.

Even though it does not attract as many tourists as the west coast, North-West has emerged as a fast developing beach holiday destination in Sri Lanka. It is a comparatively new destination to explore compared to the west coast and opened its door for tourist after ending the civil war in Sri Lanka in 2009. North-west coast thought to be going to be an important beach holiday destination in coming years.

watching sigirirya fresco

Experience the culture of Sri Lanka The cultural triangle is on the bucket list of almost every traveller, who book a Srilanka tour package. There are many important historical places within the cultural triangle such as Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Polonnaruwa that worth your attention. You need to find a base within the cultural triangle in order to explore important cultural sites here. It might be difficult, expensive and time-consuming if you plan to visit them by road from a faraway city like Kandy.

Anuradhapura is a UNESCO world heritage site and the magical ancient city that harbours a large number of historical monuments. It had been the capital of Sri Lanka way back in 2nd century BC. The oldest documented tree, which is known as Srimaha bodhi resides here and receive great respect especially from the Buddhists around the world. Habarana is a laid-back city in the cultural triangle and provides facilities for recreational activities such as elephant ride, safari, boating, village tour, bullock cart ride etc.

Kandy is considered to be the cultural city of Sri Lanka, where Sri Lankan customs and traditions are still alive and home to cultural attractions in its own right. It is endowed with the privilege of protecting one of the most valuable element for Buddhists in the world, which is the left eye tooth of Buddha. Today the tooth relic temple of Kandy is the most visited Buddhist temple in the country. Pinnawala elephant orphanage, royal botanical garden, Kandyan cultural show, Kandy lake, Bahirwakanda, tea museum are some of the important places within easy reach of Kandy.

Nuwara Eliya, Ella, Bandarawela and less popular Haputale are popular for cool clime, breathtaking scenery and activities that consume adrenaline. Most prominent difference between these places and low land beach areas of Sri Lanka is the climate. Instead of scorching heat with high humidity prevail in coastal areas here in the mountains you get mild weather with low temperature. Due to the vivid geographical conditions with mountains, plains, rivers, and waterfalls here you find many places that are suitable for adventure sports such as white water rafting, trekking, mountain climbing, kayaking etc. I feel Trincomalee, in the very Far East, is a must see a place for the pilgrims, especially for Hindu devotees. It is growing in terms of tourist arrivals but still, the number of tourist in  Trincomalee is considerably low compared to west coast.

Tea plantations nuwara eliya

Dormitories, Guest Houses, Rest Houses, Villas and Hotels in Sri Lanka What can you expect from Sri Lanka accommodation? That of course decided by the budget that you allocate for accommodation. There are many options that you can choose from. Dormitories and homestay accommodations are being the cheapest form of accommodation; you can find that type of accommodation at the rate of around $5 per night per double or single room. Guesthouse and rest houses are the cheapest options comes next if you can afford to pay around $15-$30 per night.

Mid-range hotel accommodation such as 2 stars or 3 stars hotels with pool can be found here without much trouble. If you can afford to pay around $50 per night you can secure a room in a 2-star hotel and a room cost around $70 in a decent 3-star hotel, while the cost for a 4-star hotel is around $120 per night per room.

Room rates for upper category hotels such as 5-star hotels, villas, luxury boutique hotels are starting around $130 per room per night. However, the rates directly come under the influence of demand. Therefore above mentioned average room rates can be higher during the peak holiday season from November to April and cheaper than the rates mentioned here during the off-peak season from April to November. Whatever type of accommodation you look for, you will find it in Sri Lanka. Pre-booking is highly recommended during the peak holiday season in order to have peace of mind. And don’t expect to make last moment booking especially accommodation and flights during the peak holiday season in Sri Lanka.

Maybe you opt for accommodation without meals and would like to prepare meals you own. If you rent a room or a bungalow it provides the room with facilities for cooking. Therefore you can make sure that you have more flexibility in your foodie choices and also you can save money. If you hit a supermarket in the city you can buy all sort of items that required to prepare a meal. The food is very cheap here and even you can go for prepared food in outside restaurants at a much lower rate than at the hotel.

Srilanka tour package

Some travellers visit Sri Lanka without at pre-planned tour itinerary and make the all the arrangements as they go, while some other book package tours. Both options are possible but special attention should be given, when you go for last moment booking.

Before we start on the private Srilanka tour package information, you can contact us for any type tour itineraries. Our local staff help you to plan the best tour package at the best rate depending on your requirement. We already have published several package tours and all of them can be customised depending on your requirement. Seerendipity tours offer private airport transfers, hotel booking, food tours, guided tour, sightseeing tours, beach holiday packages, adventure tour packages. Most of Sri Lanka tour tours offered by Seerendipity tours can be booked through the Most people who booked our tours are massively impressed with our service and you will find the reviews of our tours on

What is the best time for a Tour in Sri Lanka? The island is under the influence of monsoon, but monsoon pattern allows you to have nice weather at any time of the year, either on the east coast or west coast. Therefore it is advisable to book accommodation especially your beach holiday resort after studying the monsoon pattern. The rainfall can be increased in the affected areas during the monsoon and therefore you have limited room for outside activities.

North-east monsoon prevails from November to April and soaks the north, east, north-east and south-east part of the island. Sri Lanka is under the influence of south-west monsoon from April to November and the west, south-west, south and north-west part coming under the increased rainfall. The temperature fluctuation is very low in Sri Lanka and remains around 27 Celsius during the night and around 30 Celsius during the day in the low country areas. In the higher elevated areas or hill-country temperature is cooler than in the low land areas.

leopard sri lanka

What type of Srilanka tour package should we book? Package Srilanka tour package or independent tour? Independent Srilanka tour package is a good option to see Sri Lanka but you may find it difficult if you travel for the first time in Sri Lanka. On the other hand, package tours are more convenient and you may find very handy when you travel with the family. Sri Lanka tour packages are offered by many leading international tour operators. One distinct disadvantage of a package tour is that it is not possible to change the proceedings without paying the supplement, once the tour is commenced. Sometimes it may not possible to make a change at all, especially when you are attached to a group.

If you plan an independent tour it is essential to book your first hotel before arriving in the country. Because it could be a be difficult to find a nice place to stay if you do not make a booking well in advance. Having a room ready to occupy when you land in Sri Lanka, makes life so much easier because you are tired with a long journey. It will definitely be a good idea to book a hotel near the airport or in Negombo so that you are not required to drive for a long time. However, if you plan to stay in southern or western part of Sri Lanka on the first day or for several days, you still can go-ahead with it, because the travelling is much easier and the journey is much faster now with the opening of the southern expressway.

There are a large number of places to explore in Sri Lanka and they are spread out on the island. You may require few days to see most of the important attractions and be having multiple bases makes it much easier to explore them. Having multiple bases reduce the time spent on transport and save time for sightseeing.

ETA, Tourist visas for Sri Lanka Unlike in many other countries, Sri Lanka visas for kids are free. All tourists should be obtained ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) before arriving Sri Lanka and ETA can be obtained online. The ETA has a validity of thirty days with the option to be extended through the emigration department. Click the link below to find out more information.

What to pack ahead of Srilanka tour package Sri Lanka is a tropical country and sunburns are very common among the travellers who are not familiar with tropical weather conditions. It is essential to apply some kind of sunscreen to block sun-ray that harms your skin. Mosquito repellent can be quite handy if you travel to the interior of the country but most hotels offer mosquito nets to their in-house guests. If your room is not equipped with a mosquito net you may ask for it, because some hotels provide it when the customers demand it. Your clothing should be suitable for hot and humid weather conditions, but it can be really cool in the mountains, especially after the sunset so better prepared for the cool climate if you come across the mountains. If you plan to visit Hindu or Buddhist temples you should have a kind of attire that covers your shoulders.  And legs should be covered up to the knee. Carrying a small bottle of iodine can be handy because small bites and scratches can deteriorate easily in the tropics. You also required carrying plenty of fluid all the time to avoid dehydration, resulted due to scorching heat.

Vaccinations for Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is free of epidemics and taking malaria prophylaxis is also not required anymore for Sri Lanka. Malaria, diarrhoea kind of epidemics is also not reported on the island. Please consult your family doctor for the recommendation of vaccinations. Try to avoid the mosquito bites as much as possible, because there are instances in which a large number of dengue patients is recorded in some parts of the island, especially Colombo, Gampaha and Kalutara. It is essential to consume mineral water while you stay in Sri Lanka and consuming running water can cause you to have abdominal infections. Be careful when you consume the food that is been sold by the street vendors and consuming peeled fruits that are sold by the street vendors also can make stomach problems.

Read more on Sri Lanka and study more More information you know on Sri Lanka makes it easier for you to enjoy your Srilanka tour package. Sinhalese is the most widely used language in Sri Lanka and knowing useful words and phrases such as thank you, hello, please will be very handy. Having some information about good hotels, restaurants, and places of attractions and of course maps might be very useful. It is advisable to grab a travel guide and gather some essential information covering history, nature, culture, politics, food and customs.

Important attractions to visit in Sri Lanka Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya rock fortes, Dambulla golden cave temple, the temple of the tooth relic, Pinnawala elephant orphanage, sea turtle farm, safari at Yala national park, whale watching, Adam’s peak and many many more. You can keep on adding to the list because Sri Lanka has a large number of places worth visit. It definitely difficult to cover most of them within 2 or 3 days and you will be able to cover most of them with one week Srilanka tour package.

Ella gap sri lanka

Visiting many places required you to travel a great distance and hiring a vehicle is more suitable than using public transport. You can book a private transport easily to travel around the country with a local tour operator. Tuk tuk is also can be a very handy transport method to travel short distances at an affordable rate. Busses and trains are the cheapest forms of transport method in Sri Lanka but it consumes more time than any other transport method. If you plan to travel to the west or southern coast, expressway busses are the best option as it is very comfortable, far less time consuming and affordable. Normal public trains and buses can be also used and they are much cheaper than expressway busses but very time-consuming.

If you are travelling towards the interior of the country to places such as Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Sigiriya you can get a public transport with AC or without AC. Travelling with A/C buses cost twice as much as travelling with non-A/C buses. Busses can be incredibly crowded in the morning and in the evening. Train ride through the mountains is fantastically scenic and some are organised it parallels to their Srilanka tour package.

Most commonly used method for Sri Lanka tours is the package tours that can be booked with local tour operators. This can be a bit expensive but everything is organised by the local tour operator and you just have to visit and see attractions. It is incredibly convenient to have a pre-planned Srilanka tour package with help of a tour operator because it saves a great amount of time for you while enabling you to have an enjoyable tour with peace of mind.

beach hopping bentotaAbout Sri Lankan food Sri Lanka offers endless choices for food lovers, especially the island has a great variety of seafood and they are cheap too. Local foods are prepared in different flavours but most of the local recipes include chilli and pepper. Maybe it is not suitable for European palate but Sri Lankan’s eat spicy food most of the time.

Sri Lanka offers a wide range of tropical fruits and some of them such as mangosteen are very difficult to find in other parts of the globe. You can buy food everywhere and every corner of the country. You should try Sri Lanka rice and curry in a typical local restaurant, rice and curry is the staple food on the island and very delicious even though it is spicy. Sri Lanka offers a wide range of sweetmeat. If you find your main course spicy, order something like curd and treacle, which is widely popular sweetmeat speciality.

Fresh fruit juices are widely available on the island and prices are very affordable in fact it is very healthy and gives you minerals and vitamin. King coconut is the most popular thirst quencher on the island and this yellow coloured coconut can be bought everywhere in the country. Tea is served with the breakfast in all hotels and restaurants if you are a coffee lover you may have to ask for coffee because sometimes it is only tea served in hotels and restaurants.

Sometimes street vendors hop in-to long journey buses and selling savouries and drinks. They sell Mineral water, king coconut, soft drinks, biscuits etc. Fresh wade can be a temporary solution if you’re hungry, and they are made of lentils. The wade can be very spicy sometimes. There is a wide range biscuit in Sri Lanka, nice bourbons, cream crackers and ginger nuts included.

Food experience of a backpacker is definitely different than of a tourist, who travel on a package tour. If you are on a package tour you mostly stay in tourist hotels and foods are specifically prepared for European palate in these hotels. Those foods show a lot of European influence and totally different than the local food. But as a backpacker, you have the opportunity to try a wide range of local food as you mingle with the local community more often.

Don’t forget to drop into a seafood restaurant in the coastal areas, where you get fresh seafood at an affordable rate. Crabs, shrimps, lobster and many types of fish readily available and can be prepared the way you wish. I round up this overview of Sri Lanka with earlier remarks on Sri Lankan food. There is a large amount of information in this blog post moreover you have plenty of links directed to outside blog posts written in Sri Lanka. Try them and you definitely find some important information about Sri Lanka.

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