Visit Sri Lanka In July To Explore The Ancient Monuments And Turquoise Beaches

Visit Sri Lanka In July To Explore The Ancient Monuments And Turquoise Beaches

Sri Lanka is a popular holiday destination in Asia. Earlier it was known as Ceylon to the world and this small country offers a wide range of interesting tourist attraction from Ancient monuments to wildlife parks, mountain peaks and pristine beaches. Visit Sri Lanka is July gives you the best opportunity to taste the cultural richness of this tropical country while enjoying the natural diversity.

Once positioned as the centerpieces in the Buddhist world, modern Sri Lanka is one of the most popular long-haul holiday destinations in the world. Sitting near the southern tip of Indian sub-continent, its location on the world sea-route puts Sri Lanka in a strategically important spot and serves as the gateway to southern Sri Lanka.  

Sri Lanka ports drew merchants and sailors from all parts of world for many millennia. As a result of the frequented sailors and merchants from various parts of the world, Sri Lanka has become a profile country with unique identity.

Sri Lanka offers many thousands of years old cultural and religious monuments as well as mouthwatering local cuisines. In this guide we take a look into some of the important factors that make visiting Sri Lanka in July a greatly rewarding experience.        

Weather in Sri Lanka In July

Weather in Sri Lanka in July can be described as warm and humid, compared to weather conditions in the northern hemisphere. The average temperature during the day is hovering around 30 degrees Celsius. While the night temperature can be anywhere from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. However, the water temperature remains constant throughout the month and it is 27 degrees Celsius. A large number of people rush to the beaches, especially to the easy coast beaches in order to enjoy the sea breeze and dip into the warm waters of Indian Ocean. If you wish to have sea bath, however it is recommended to travel to east coast beaches, where the sea is very favorable for sea bath.  In order to use good weather conditions for a fantastic beach holiday, it is recommended to pack few things in your case.

  • A good sunscreen lotion
  • Sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat
  • Cotton or linen clothing
  • A couple of bathing suits

Why Visit Sri Lanka in July

There are many reasons to visit Sri Lana in July. Tourism is an important source of income for the people of Sri Lanka and it matters very much for the development of the country’s economy, therefore visitors are warmly welcome by the people of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is cheap compared most Asian countries, beautiful and very rich in culture. The east coast beaches of Sri Lanka have warm water during the month July and attracts a large number of travelers. However, the beaches on the west and south can be largely empty during the month of July and most beach resorts on the south and west offering very attractive offers during the month of July in order to woo the travelers.

Sri Lanka host couple important cultural and religious events in the month of July along with the popular “Esala ceremony”. The Esala ceremony is an annual even held in the city of Kandy in the month of July and august. Here travelers can witness one of the oldest cultural events in the world dating back to many millennia. The visitors can witness thousands of traditional dancers, musicians, elephants during pageant.  

5 Places To Visit In Sri Lanka In July

If you plan a trip to Sri Lanka in July, then here is a list of interesting places to include in your July Sri Lanka trip.

1. Colombo

Colombo is the commercial capital of Sri Lanka and the heart of Sri Lanka’s economy. Colombo has been turned to a 21st century modern cosmopolitan city over the last decade and every successful government had dedicated time and money to upgrade the facilities, amenities and appearance of the city. Colombo is the most popular city with more than 2 million population and most people mistakenly think that Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka (It’s Jayewardenepura by the way). It did, however, Colombo served as the capital of Sri Lanka during the British colonial era (1796 to 1948) and even after the independence (1948) until 1972.

Colombo offers and impressive collection of ancient monuments, temples, gardens, museums, galleries, as well as great shopping, nightlife and food. If you visit Colombo in July it is recommended to take a Colombo city tour, which includes all important places in Colombo from temples to museums, high class shopping complexes.

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2. Bentota

To escape from the heat in the city you can visit west coast beach of Bentota, which is nicknamed as the “golden mile” due to its pristine beaches with gold colored sand. By far Bentota is the most popular beach resort on the island and attracts more than half of the beach holiday lovers every year. Here you get plenty of opportunities to keep your day busy with boat tours, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and dozens of other interesting watersports. Few kilometers south of Bentota is Galle fort which is an UNESCO world heritage and it is the best-preserved Dutch built Fort in Asia and dates back to early 16s. This beaches in Bentota is dotted with cafes, bars, shops, restaurants you can visit there to grab a bite.

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3. Anuradhapura of the Cultural triangle

Cultural triangle is one of the most important tourist attractions on the island with a large number of important tourist places such as museums, ancient temples, palaces, gardens, statues and many other ancient constructions. Here you get the ruins of one of the oldest cities in the world, “Anuradhapura” dating back to 3rd century BC. Many of the construction in the ancient city are still in very good shape and these artifacts showcases the grandeur of ancient capital of Sri Lanka. After you visit the ancient monuments you can head on to the nearby national park to see the wide range of wild animals such as leopard, elephant, bear, crocodile, deer etc.    

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4. Madu estuary

Madu estuary is located on the west coast of Sri Lanka bordering the Bentota, which is the second biggest wetland on the island and crowned as a “Ramsar wetland”. Madu estuary offers a picture-perfect boat trips and watersports such as canoeing. Tourists throng the place to experience crystal clear water, mangrove forests, rich fauna and flora of the estuary. Venturing on a boat trip is the best way to explore the estuary, and it is very popular activity among the local as well as foreign travelers.

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5. Galle

Galle is another coastal town located on southern Sri Lanka and one of the best places to visit on your trip to Sri Lanka in July. The fort is the biggest draw in Galle and beaches in Galle also draws a large number of holiday lovers to the city every year. Galle is a multi-faceted holiday destination with beaches, ancient monuments, colonial building, rivers, forests and mountains.

The magnificent scenery in Galle includes azure seas, coastal resorts, dense green forests in the mountains. The fort, which is a UNESCO world heritage site is dotted with hundreds of construction dates back to medieval period. Most of these constructions have been converted to museums, galleries, shops, hotels, villas, restaurants and bars in order to cater the increasing foreign travelers in the fort. If you plan to visit Galle it is recommended to visit Martin Wickremasinghe folk museum, which located juts outside of Galle city. This museum showcases a collection artifact used by the rural village folk in southern Sri Lanka.  

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5 Recommended Activities to Try in Sri Lanka In July

Sri Lanka offers a fascinating collection activity to enjoy the summer breeze and beautiful beaches. We have listed some of them below:

1. Get Spiritual In Tooth Relic Temple

Buddhist pilgrims across the globe visit the tooth relic temple in order to worship the left eye tooth of Buddha, the ancient temple offers an immense sense of spirituality to its visitors. The tooth temple of Kandy is the most sacred Buddhist temple on the island and one of the most visited temples on the island. This UNESCO world heritage site is dating back to many millennia and sits in the city of Kandy. The temple showcases the typical Sri Lankan architecture. Although it was damaged under the Portuguese and Dutch administration, later it was restored to its former glory.    

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2. Shop In Pettah

Pettah is the shopping area of Colombo and it is the biggest market on the island. The streets and alleys in Pettah are flanked with hundreds of thousands of shops selling various items from textiles to medicine to vegetable and many other things. Each street and alley in Pettah are dedicated one category of products, E.g. The main street is full of textile shops, 1st cross street with hundreds of shops with toys. Pettah market is visited by hundreds of thousands of shoppers and sellers everyday and it is one of the oldest markets on the island.

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3. Visiting Buddhist Temple Gangarama

The visitors of Sri Lanka are never forgetting to visit a Buddhist temple on their trip to Sri Lanka. Buddhism is most popular religion in Sri Lanka. This 18th century temple is consisting of 2 parts. Gangarama is one of the oldest temples in the town and serve for hundreds of thousands of devotees. The temple is consisting of image house, Bo-tree, museum, Stupa and a house for monks.

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4. Explore History In Colombo Museum

Colobmo museum is the most popular museum on the island, which is also the national museum of Sri Lanka. The museum showcases specimen collected from various parts of the island and they are darting back to different era. Here the visitors can witness the artefact from Anuradhapura period (3rd century BC) to modern period. The museum features ancient jewelry, terracotta, coins, statues, glassware, even the crown of the last king of Sri Lanka. Taking a trip to this museum can be a very educational experience.

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5. Check Out The Colombo Aquarium

The Colombo aquarium is the biggest of its kind on the island. It is very popular among the local travelers, and the aquarium attracts a large number of local families every day. Visiting the aquarium is fun and educational. The aquarium features a tunnel with stock of exotic fish species. In addition to sea creatures, the visors also can witness reptiles, sea weeds as well as coral species.

Visiting Sri Lanka in July will be a memorable trip because Sri Lanka has a lot to offer for the visitor. This article has some important facts about the trip to Sri Lanka in July, however, if you need further information about planning a trip to Sri Lanka, read this article.

Sri Lanka is a country with rich historical past, mouthwatering dishes, national parks teaming with wildlife, pristine beaches, rainforests and green capped mountains. What you read on this article is just of fraction of things that Sri Lanka offers to you. However, we believe that you can still discover more things to make your trip a colossal success.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sri Lanka In July

Q. Is July a good time to visit Sri Lanka?

A. Well, July is a month with high temperature mixed with some monsoon rain. The heat can be high on the cities but it is tolerable on the coastal areas. July is one of the best months to travel to Sri Lanka, if you are conscious on the travel budget. The cost holiday at its lowest ebb in the month of July due to the low demand.

Q. When is the best time of the year to visit Sri Lanka?

A. The best time of the year to visit Sri Lanka is from November to April, during this time the large part of Sri Lanka experience a dry weather. These months are very favorable for outdoor activities and are typically great to visit the ancient monuments, national parks, adventure sites.

Q. How many days do you need to travel in Sri Lanka?

A. A 14 days trip to Sri Lanka is a very popular trip and it includes visiting important tourist places on the island coupled with beach holidays.

Q. What is Sri Lanka famous for?

A. Apart from the pristine beaches around the island, Turkey is also known for its thousand years old monuments and rich fauna and flora. Additionally, you can buy Traditional handicrafts, masks, batik clothes, Gems and jewelry tea and Exotic Spices.

Q. Does Sri Lanka count as Indian?

A. Some people mistakenly think that Sri Lanka is part of India. Sri Lanka is an independent country and it is called socialist republic of Sri Lanka.

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