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The succession to the throne of Kotte part

Arrival of Franciscans

Towards the end of 1543 the ambassador returned to Ceylon with Friar John de Vila de Conda and four other Fransiscans friaers bearing letters from the king of Portugal and the viceroy of India. Buwaneka Bahu was quite pleased with the result of the embassy and gave friars a warm welcome. They had come with the idea that Buwaneka Bahu and his subjects wished to be instructed in Christianity. Great, therefore, was their disappointment when they found that such was far from being the case. Buwaneka Bahu indeed showed no disinclination to maintain the friars and to let them preach, but he had no intention of letting his subjects become Christians, much less of becoming one himself. Such a course would certainly have made his subjects go over to Mayadunne. On the other hand, Buwaneka Bahu was unwilling to give offense to the friars or to the king of Portugal and tried to appease the former by offer of money, which they indignantly rejected.

Quarrels over the succession

The solemn appointment of Dharmapala as crown prince of Kotte gave rise to great dissatisfaction. Mayadunne, who had hoped that the throne would be his on the death of his brother, according to the Sinhalese laws of succession, was greatly incensed and took up arms. The two sons of Buwaneka Bahu by the junior queen had also aspired to the throne. Buwaneka Bahu, therefore, dispatched the Pandita to Goa to seek immediate assistance against Mayadunne and if necessary, to go again to Lisbon to press the matter.

To pacify his sons, he now asked Portuguese assistance to place them on the thrones of Jaffna and Kandy. But the elder son, jugo Bandara, a young man of about seventeen years of age, began to intersect the Portuguese on his behalf. A certain andre de Souze, who was at the court of Kotte, had been trying to make him a convert to Christianity. It now seemed to Jugo and his mother, that he went to Goa and received baptism; he might be supported by the Portuguese. This plan reached the ears of Buwaneka Bahu who caused to be secretly murdered. Thereupon, his brother who was also under instructions fled the country with Souze. They were followed by a son of Buwaneka Bahu

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