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Sri Lanka hiking tour 6 days

ts about 3 hours. On the 3rd day of the hiking tour, after about 2 hours journey by road from Kandy you will be arriving at Horton plains for another hike and it will last about 5 hours. On day four is the most challenging hike, it can also be categorized as a trek. This interesting trek at Adams peak last about 7 hours. Your hike on the last day of the trip is in the Sinharaja rain forest, which lasts about 5 hours.

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Best places for hiking in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka hiking tours and Trekking tours in Sri Lanka

Most wildlife reserves have a large stock of animals and suitable for wildlife explorations tours, mountains and forests provide suitable grounds for trekking, hiking, mountain climbing and for many other adrenaline-pumping sports. In this article “Hiking in Sri Lanka”, we are talking about some of the best hiking places in Sri Lanka.

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Venturing on Sri Lanka Buddhist tour is the best way of exploring these two sacred temples along with many historical, well preserved Buddhist temple that sprinkles all around the island. Most Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka are well preserved despite its antiquity and most of them are considered being archaeological masterpieces.

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Wonderful Sri Lanka Itinerary 6 Days

Sri Lanka 6 days tour itinerary comes in many flavors such as Si Lanka six days cultural tour, 6 Days Sri Lanka adventure tour, Sri Lanka nature tour 6 days, Sri Lanka south coast 6 days tour, Sri Lanka bird watching tour, Sri Lanka 6 days beach tour etc. Therefore, the travelers who, book Sri Lanka 6 days tour should be very clear about their requirements and should choose the most suitable tour itinerary for them. Most Sri Lankan tour operators offer customized Sri Lanka tour itineraries to their customers, means that you are able to get a tailormade Sri Lanka tour itinerary with help of those tour organizers.

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