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Sri Lanka 4 day tour and places to visit in Sri Lanka in 4 days

How to spend 4 days in Sri Lanka? What are the best places to visit in Sri Lanka in 4 days? what is the best Sri Lanka 4-day tour itinerary? These are a few questions that we hear from tourists, who wish to visit Sri Lanka on a 4 days trip. Well, there are many suggestions to these questions. Because the variations of Sri Lanka 4-day tours are endless. For instance, you can explore the cultural sites and crumbling historical monuments in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka in a Sri Lanka 4 days tour or you can have 4 days Sri Lanka beach holiday and relax. Perhaps explore the primaeval rainforest in the interior of the island and engage in some adventure activities. Therefore, How to spend 4 days in Sri Lanka is invariably another question “what you like to do in Sri Lanka in 4 days”.

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3 Days in Sri Lanka and 3 Day Trip Sri Lanka

Venturing on a 3 day trip in Sri Lanka allows you to visit several interesting places on the island. You will not able to see the most number of interesting places within 3 days time, but you can visit several interesting places depending on the region you visit. However, with careful planning, you can visit a dozen of interesting tourist places and actively engage in interesting activities during the 3 days. In this article, you can read one of the most popular Sri Lanka 3 days trip, as well as 11 best places to visit in Sri Lanka in 3 days.

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What is the Most Popular Sri Lanka itinerary 10 days?

10 days in Sri Lanka, wondering what you get during your Sri Lanka itinerary 10 days: Breathtaking scenery in the mountains, fascinating wildlife in Yala, palm-fringed sandy beaches on the west and southern coast, thousands of years of old monuments. There are much much more included in this program including important tips to keep your budget under control.

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Sigiriya frescoes, Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle Tour


Sigiriya rock fortress is an engineering marvel and remarkable achievement of ancient engineers. The engineering skills hidden in the fortress take all modern engineers by surprise. Landscaped garden, swimming pools, natural fountains, the palace on the top of the rock and mirror wall, hard to build even today with modern machinery and know-how.

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