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Covid-19 Travel Restrictions Removed, Now It Is The Best Time Ever To Travel In Sri Lanka

The devastating effect of the novel coronavirus is still largely felt across the globe and the way we travel has largely differentiated than what it was. No exception with travel in Sri Lanka and we felt it during our recent 2 nights 3 days Sri Lanka trip to Sigiriya and Kandy. We started Sri Lanka 2 nights 3 days package, few days after the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions.

10 popular family trip places in Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka family tours

With so many family trip places in Sri Lanka, it will be a daunting task to choose the best places to include in Sri Lanka family tours. Most travellers face a very tough time while choosing the places for their tour package such as Sri Lanka 5 days tour package and Sri Lanka 7 days tour itinerary because all places are very attractive and tempting, therefore

6 Days In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the smallest countries in the world, measuring only 65610 sq km, however, what Sri Lanka lacks in size, it makes up for in grandeur. The beautiful rural villages, rolling hills, snow-white sandy beaches and picturesque tea gardens with the green-capped mountain in the backdrop make these 6 days in Sri Lanka unforgettable.

Sri Lanka Land Packages

Basking in the Southern part of the Indian coast, just off the Indian Ocean, beautiful Tropical Island, Sri Lanka is a biodiversity hotspot for seamless retreats. Many dozens of tourist hotspot, beaches and fascinating history are some of the reasons that make Sri Lanka an impeccable country to visit for any traveller. What is so special about Sri Lanka? The hundreds of thousands of white sandy coastline, green-capped mountains, cascading waterfalls, verdant jungles,