Sri Lanka Two Week Itinerary
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Sri Lanka Two Week Itinerary

Sri Lanka Two Week Itinerary

At first, most people think that travelling in Sri Lanka is difficult and complicated… a chaotic traffic system, little information about the travel routes and most of all a lot of uncertainty on the island. Even though it seems like a bit difficult to travel in Sri Lanka, it is not essentially being like that, with careful planning. At the completion of this Sri Lanka two week itinerary, you will understand how easy to travel in Sri Lanka with the proper itinerary.

This Sri Lanka two week itinerary is carefully planned with the intention to provide a memorable experience for travellers. So far Seerendipity tours have organized this Sri Lanka two week itinerary to many foreign travellers and received very good comments on the trip.

What is the best program for a Sri Lanka two week itinerary? here is it

  • Day 1: Arrival in Colombo (The “Pearl of Indian Ocean”)
  • Day 2: Colombo city  Dambulla temple
  • Day 3: Sigiriya Rock village tour
  • Day 4: Spice garden, tooth relic temple and Kandyan cultural show
  • Day 5: Royal botanical garden Kandy city tour
  • Day 6: Nuwara Eliya tea gardens
  • Day 7: Horton plains national park
  • Day 8: Jeep safari at Yala national park
  • Day 9: Beach Mirissa
  • Day 10: Whale watching Galle fort
  • Day 11+12+13: Bentota Beach
  • Day 14: Departure

Tours to Sri Lanka

Summary of Sri Lanka two week itinerary:

Duration: 14 days

Itinerary: Colombo, Sigiriya, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Yala, Bentota

Price P.P: USD 1500 (excl. Flight)

Means of Travel: Private car

Sri Lanka Itinerary 5 Days

Day 1: Arrival in Colombo (The “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”)

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean …. This is how the ancient seafarers called the island; the island was called in many different names over the last several millennia until it was named Sri Lanka in 1972. However Sri Lanka is still known as Ceylon for many people around the world, because the island was given the name of Ceylon by the British administrators, who controlled the island from 1792 to 1948 and the official name of the country remained Ceylon for more than a century, therefore the word Ceylon is engraved in the mind of most people around the world.

Usually, most visitors of Sri Lanka land in the Katunayake international airport and about 10% of visitors of Sri Lanka enter the country through the coastal gates, mainly Colombo harbour. In this Sri Lanka two week itinerary we have not planned any activities on the day that you land on the island. Most travellers who arrive are existed with hour’s long flight and drive; therefore most travellers love to have a rest at the very beginning, which of course we know by experience. You will not be able to get a real first impression on the island until the next day.

You will meet the representative of Seerendipity tours and drive to the hotel in Colombo, which is near the city centre. The drive from the airport to the hotel will take around 45 minutes. Rest of the day is reserved for you to have leisure.

Day2: In the morning city tour and afternoon hiking to the Dambulla cave temple

After a leisurely breakfast, you leave for a Colombo sightseeing tour. Colombo is the commercial hub of the island and one of the most beautiful cities on the island. There are many interesting tourist attraction in the city amidst the relentless hustle and bustle. There are many important places featuring religious attractions, colonial monuments, parks, cultural sites and beaches. I feel that Colombo does not offer much for the night-life lovers, except several nightclubs, casinos, discos, and cinemas. The bars and restaurants in the city are open until about midnight.

Colombo is in the west coast of Sri Lanka, you will feel the heat due to the high temperature in the city that hovering around 33 Celsius degrees, and however, our fully air-conditioned vehicle keeps you conformable and makes it easy to handle the situation. There are several places where you need to get off the vehicle in order to have a closer look, places like Gangarama temple, Viharamahadevi Park, Independent square, Galle face… and several other places.

If you travel from April to November, it is better to keep an eye on the daily weather forecast, due to the south-west monsoon, which soaks the southern and western Sri Lanka including Colombo. The heavy rainfall can result in Colombo during the monsoon and makes it difficult to explore the city.

After the Colombo city tour, which is the first activity on this Sri Lanka two week itinerary, you drive to Dambulla golden cave temple.  Dambulla is in the dry zone of Sri Lanka and you feel the changing Fauna and weather as you get closer to the dry-zone. The journey from Colombo to Dambulla lasts around 4 hours but you will probably make a few more stops as you pass picturesque countryside.

Afternoon hike to the Dambulla golden cave temple, Dambulla cave temple is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the oldest Buddhist temples in the world, dating back to 1st century BC. After visiting the temple drive top the hotel which is about 10 km from the site.

Day 3: Morning Hike Sigiriya Rock afternoon Sigiriya village tour with cooking class

Sigiriya rock fortress, the fifth-century rock fortress attracts a large number of foreign as well as local travellers. This UNESCO world heritage sites features advanced engineering skills, a firm grasp on hydraulic principles, rich architectural capabilities of ancient engineers. Sigiriya frescoes paintings that are dating back to 5thc century still shines with its native colours.

A good pair of shoes with a light cotton dress is recommended on this 2000 steps hike that lasts around one hour. Sigiriya historical site occupies a large space in the dry zone of Sri Lanka and surrounded by thick green vegetation.

Sigiriya is an iconic tourist attraction and panoramic view from the top of the 500 meters tall monolithic rock, is a highlight on this Sri Lanka two week itinerary for most travellers. Unlike the hike at Dambulla cave temple, it is much more strenuous at Sigiriya and it is recommended to take adequate fluid during the hike due to the sweaty, warm climate.

After lunch, it is time to earn about the rural life of Sri Lanka. Up next on Sri Lanka two itineraries are the Sigiriya village tour. Even though it is called Sigiriya village tour, actually the tour takes place in the laid-back village known as Hiriwadunna,  which is one of the most remote and underdeveloped villages in dry-zone.

The village tour is a perfect opportunity to experience the rural life and the program includes bullock cart ride, boating in the village lake, visiting rice paddy, farm, and rural house and cooking class with typical warm Sri Lankan meal.

The atmosphere in the village tour is magical…green is the dominating colour and birds making vivid sounds from trees that can be heard from the distance due to the calm and quiet atmosphere. You will prepare a Sri Lankan meal with our cook and sample a delicious Sri Lankan meal ultimately. This will be an amazing experience for travellers, especially for nature lovers, foodie tourists and bird watchers, after the village tour drive to the hotel.

Day 4: Visiting a spice garden in the morning and visit tooth relic temple and Kandyan cultural show in the afternoon.

The drive from the hotel in Sigiriya to Kandy takes around 3 hours, which includes a 1-hour walking tour at spice garden in Matale. Halfway down the track from Sigiriya to Kandy, you will make a stop at Matale, which is a locality predominantly driven with an agricultural economy. Visit a spice garden and learn about various spices, condiments and Ayurveda herbs and healing system on the country.

After the spice garden continues on the road trip to Kandy (about 1 hour). Travelling by private vehicle is the best way of commissioning this Sri Lanka two week itinerary because most importantly it minimizes the time spent of travelling, most travellers prefer to use private transport during Sri Lanka road trips against the public transport mainly in order to save time. Even though public transport is very economical against private transport, but buses and trains can be very crowded and also take a lot of time to travel between cities.

In the afternoon visit Kandyan cultural show that showcases typical Sri Lankan dance forms and music.  Later in the day walk to the tooth relic temple, this is the most sacred Buddhists temple on the island and one of the most visited UNESCO world heritage sites on the island. Visit tooth relic temple and witnesses the evening ceremony amidst the crowded audience. The evening ceremony is very popular among travellers, especially foreign travellers.

Day 5: In the morning Kandy sightseeing tour and afternoon visit the royal botanical garden

After the breakfast at the hotel continue with Sri Lanka two week itinerary and proceed to downtown Kandy. Take a breathtaking birds-eye view on the city from upper lake, which is a viewpoint that you encounter as you drive uphill on the mountain that sits westward from the city. Upper lake is a perfect spot enabling you to take the entire city into a photograph with an aerial view.

Afterwards, proceed to downtown Kandy and have a walk-in Kandy, where you counter a vibrant market with vegetable, fruits, fish and meat stalls. Outside the market are the shops and stalls that are selling various items from cloth and shoes to Gems and jewellery, handicraft and many many more.

After a short drive in your luxury vehicle from Kandy is the Royal botanical garden, which is one of the leading tourist attractions in Kandy. Have a leisurely walk in the garden and witness a large array of trees and plants, before settling in with rest.

Day 6: Visiting breathtaking mountains and tea gardens

Nuwara Eliya is the leading tea grown area of Sri Lanka and it is also the most popular health resort on the island with a comfortable mild climate. A large number of local travellers drive to Nuwara Eliya to escape from the scorching heat in the low country and enjoy the breathtaking scenery across the mountains and valley. Huge tea plantations, cascading waterfalls, green-capped mountains, rivers and patches of forests add beauty to this charming locality.

For the first time on this Sri Lanka two week itinerary, you encounter cool climate in the mountains, the temperature in the mountains can go down to a few minus degrees after the sunset. The journey from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya takes around 2 hours with stops at the Tea factory, Ramboda falls. The journey starts at 500 meters above sea level and ends at an elevation of 1800 meter from sea level so you should be prepared to absorb the temperature fluctuation as well as the gorgeous mountains views.

In the afternoon visit Nuwara Eliya city, this charming city is small and very compact and it is surrounded by mountains. Take a walking tour of the city and visit the vegetable market and shopping area.  Later make a sightseeing tour with your guide and witness the colonial bungalows built by British planters in the 18s, racecourse, Golf course, and Gregory lake.

Day 7: Visiting Horton plains national park

The day 7 of Sri Lanka two week itinerary start at sunrise with a visit to Horton plains national park. Today you will get a 4 wheel drive vehicles as you have to climb up to 2300 meter above sea level on a dilapidated road. Horton plains national park is one of the last remaining patches of forests in the mountains and harbours a wide range of Fauna and Flora. Horton plains national park has totally different vegetation that cannot be found anywhere else on the island.

The tour starts in the city and gradually makes it up to the mountain peak, increasing the distance from the crowded city and later passes small towns and villages. The latter part of the journey takes place through the forest. After about a 2 hours journey upon reaching the entrance of the park, visitors can make trekking through the Horton plains and see a wide range Fauna and Flora.

The entire jungle trek lasts around 2 hours if you wish to make the entire circle it is best to wear conformable shoes and attire that suitable for cool climate. You will encounter a wide range of bird species, butterflies, amphibian species and many mammals during the walk.

Day 8: Jeep safari at Yala national park

After the breakfast leave for Yala, southern Sri Lanka. Today you are going to encounter Sri Lanka wildlife for the first time on this Sri Lanka two week tour. The journey from Nuwara Eliya to Yala takes around 4 hours, however, you will encounter many important attractions such as Ravana waterfall, Ella gap, and Sita temple making you stop the vehicle many times during the trip.

Afternoon you leave for jeep safari at the most popular wildlife reserve on the island, Yala national park. Yala national park is the most popular wildlife reserve on the island and visitors can spot wild elephants, leopard, monkey, bear, crocodile, wild buffalo and many other animals, birds, insects and amphibian species.

Day 9: Beach hopping in Mirissa

First time on this Sri Lanka two week itinerary you will encounter Sri Lanka beaches.  So far you have explored cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka upcountry, wildlife of Sri Lanka and now you are encountering the pristine beaches of Sri Lanka. You will probably reach the hotel at around noon and the rest of the day is reserved for beach hopping and enjoys the beaches of Sri Lanka.

After the leisurely breakfast at hotel leave for Mirissa, the 2 hours journey takes place along the southern coastal belt of Sri Lanka and ended up in Mirissa, just south of Galle. Mirissa beach is quite unpopular as a place for beach holidays compared most other beaches such as Bentota, Hikkaduwa. However, the calm, quiet, snow-white, wide beaches have all the ingredients required for a memorable beach holiday. The torque water of Mirissa is a perfect spot for a saltwater swim.

Day 10: In the morning whale watching and afternoon visit Galle fortress

The day starts with the sunrise and you make a short trip to the nearby Mirissa harbour, where you board the whale watching boat with other tourists. Mirissa whale watching tour enables you to spot Blue whales, sperm whales, and dolphins. Mirissa is considered to be one of the best places to spot whales all year round. The whale watching trip lasts between 2-4 hours. However, there can be instances in which the whale watching trip is cancelled without any prior notice, due to the deteriorated weather conditions in the sea. The course guards are regulating the maritime movements and they have the authority to do so in order to avert any calamity.

After the whale watching trip proceeds make the way towards the west coast of Sri Lanka via Galle. Galle fortress another iconic tourist attraction on the southern coast is a UNESCO world heritage site and attracts a large number of travellers. Galle fort is one of the best-preserved colonial constructions in Asia and dates back to the 15s. A visit to southern Sri Lanka is incomplete if you miss the Fort, therefore, we have planned a visit to the Fort on the way to the beach resort in Bentota.

Day 11+12+13: Sri Lanka two week itinerary, Leisure in the beach resort

The last three days of this Sri Lanka two week itinerary is reserved for rewind yourself and have leisure before go home. We know from our experience that most travellers on the island look for the calm and quiet time on the beach; therefore we have planned 3 days for you to rest.

Day 14: Leave for Colombo airport for onward flight.

End of Sri Lanka two week itinerary

Tips for travelling Sri Lanka


A foreign traveller, who plans a trip to Sri Lanka, is required to obtain a visa to enter the island; few countries are exempted from visas such as Singapore, Seychelles and Maldives, however, most countries are not exempted from visa. The easiest way of obtaining visa is applying for e-visa, in which the applicant fill the application form and pay online. The visa is processed in about 2 working days and sent to the applicant.

However, there are few requirements to fulfil in order to apply for the visa such as passport validity which should be at least for 180 days in advance, return flight ticket. The tourist from Cameroon, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Ghana should report to the Sri Lankan overseas mission in order to apply for a visa.

Visa fee for travellers from SAARC countries (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) is US$20 and Visa fee for other nations is US$ 35.

Under the ETA fee waiver program, travellers from below countries are not required to pay for the visa

1.Thailand2.Iceland3.United Kingdom4.United States of America
5.Japan6.Australia7.South Korea8.Canada
9.Singapore10.New Zealand11.Malaysia12.Switzerland
28 Countries under European Union (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romani, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden)


Travelling in Sri Lanka can be a daunting task and put your holiday in jeopardy if you do not plan it properly. This Sri Lanka two week itinerary is planned with a private vehicle, which is the best way of getting around the island. A train journey can be recommended from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya or from Nuwara Eliya to Ella in order to enjoy the breathtaking scenery in the mountains. Seerendipity tours can organize the train trip and reserves the tickets for you please contact us on

Accommodation and Food:

This Sri Lanka two week itinerary can be planned with any type of accommodation category such as 3-star, 4-star, 5-star, all depend on your budget and requirement. Daily breakfast and dinner at the hotel and while the lunch and drinks should be self-financed.

The European food is available in all areas that you encounter on this Sri Lanka two week itinerary and easily can find the restaurants with hygienic food and that are approved by the tourist board. Supermarkets are also available all corners of the island, where you can buy fruits, chips, biscuits, drinks without any hassle.

What to wear:

The light cotton dress is the perfect attire for Sri Lanka, where the temperature hovering around 33-degree Celcius. The average humidity in the country is also very high and measured to be around 90 per cent. There are many religious sites are included in this Sri Lanak 2 week itinerary and a suitable dress should be worn on a visit to a temple.

Cost for Sri Lanka two week itinerary:

This Sri Lanka two week itinerary with 4-star hotel cost US$ 1500 per person on twin sharing double (travelling two-person, sleep in one double room). The price includes all entrance fees, entire ground transportation, accommodation with daily breakfast and dinner, English speaking tour guide, all government taxes.

If you wish to have this 2 weeks Sri Lanka itinerary or similar tour package to Sri Lanka please contact us on


This blog is all about travelling in Sri Lanka, I am trying to illuminate my readers with a wide range of information related to Sri Lanka travel. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you need more information. Furthermore, we can organize your holiday package or any travel related requirement in Sri Lanka. Please contact us on read more

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