Udawalawe National Park, Sri Lanka Itinerary 10 Days

Sri Lanka trips things to do

Sri Lanka trips things to do

Sri Lanka trips things to do” is undoubtedly the first thing that you think of before planing your Sri Lanka vacation package because, for every traveller, there are several important factors to consider, when choosing a destination for holidays. Price, flight, accommodation, security and things to do are some of the most important factors.

Most of the travellers these days prefer to have relaxation with some extra activities during the holidays. Sri Lanka is destinations that offer important places to visit and activities to engage in, are been favoured by travellers. Just basking on the sun and sea bath is not enough anymore. E.g the travellers that are heading to the Maldives for sun, sea and sand, are now make a short tour in Sri Lanka in order to see wildlife, pristine mountains, waterfalls, tea garden, historical monuments and rain forest.

Sri Lanka is a holiday destination in Asia that offers many numbers of attractions and important places to visit with an opportunity to relax. The number of holidaymakers on the island has been considerably increased in the last few years. Here is a list of some of the things to do in Sri Lanka during the vacation.

Unawatuna beach Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka beach tour

The pristine beaches around Sri Lanka provide some of the best places for beach holidays in the region. Well, developed beach holiday destinations in Sri Lanka provide all the facilities such as accommodation, dining, recreation, and water sports etc, needed for travellers. Most of the holidaymakers on the island are gathering in beach resorts for relaxation, sea bathing, surfing, diving, and whale watching etc.

Sri Lanka is a diving hot-spot in Asia and a large number of shipwrecks, coral reefs, fascinating underwater fauna and flora are the main reason for their visit to the island. The sea around the island provides the possibility for sea bathing and water sports throughout the year.

Usually, most Sri Lanka holiday package is included with a beach holiday. Therefore most Sri Lanka programs that available on the island has a fascinating combination, Eg. Sri Lanka safari and beach tour, Sri Lanka heritage trip with beach tour, Sri Lanka adventure trip with a beach stay, Sri Lanka nature tour with a beach holiday. However, the beach holiday as a standalone trip can be booked with most local tour operators.

Usually, the most travellers prefer to relax on the beach (beach holiday) towards the latter part of the trips while the travellers explore the interesting places such as cultural triangle cities, wildlife reserves, botanical garden, adventure sports at the beginning of the trip.

Singaraja adventure tour

Adventure holidays

Sri Lanka is a destination with a large number of places for adventure holidays. The mountains and escapements in the central part of the country, attract a large number of a mountain climber to the country.

National parks and rainforests such as Sinharaja rain forest and KDN provide some of the best places for nature holidays. The hundreds of rivers, streams, canals, tanks can be used for fishing, canoeing, rafting and other adventure water sports.

Sri Lanka mountains are the most favourite spot for adventure sports in Sri Lank and have the nickname “playground of adventure sports “. Trekking, mountain climbing, waterfall abseiling, rock climbing, white water rafting and some of the interesting activities can be performed here.

Sri Lanka nature with an upcountry tour

Nature holidays

Sri Lanka, the tropical island is very rich in natural resources. Nearly 24% of the total land area is covered with forests and national parks. These valuable natural resources harbour a large number of fauna flora species.

Sri Lanka is recognized as a country with one of the highest Biodiversity in the world. The nature lovers have the opportunity to visit the national parks and rainforests. Local tour operators organize Sri Lanka day tours and excursions enabling tourists to explore these valuable places.

Sri Lanka safari, Boat tours and rainforest exploration tours are most popular ways to explore rich Fauna ad flora Of Sri Lanka. Most Sri Lanka multi-day tours are equipped with at least one national park, it can be Minneriya national park, Wilpattu national park, Udawalawe national park or Yala national park. Because these are the most popular places for wildlife exploration in Sri Lanka.

Usually, most Sri Lanka multi-day tour includes a safari, cultural sites and beach holidays while some travellers go for Sri Lanka safari and beach holiday while omitting the cultural sites.

This nature tour includes rainforest trekking, white water rafting, safari, hiking, and trekking. This adventure tour also includes whale watching based in southern Sri Lanka. If you

Exploring Sri Lankan culture should be on the bucket list of every traveller, who visits Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is one of the very few countries in the world with uninterrupted human habitation since the stone age. Most Sri Lanka tours start with the cultural triangle tour to explore ancient monument in the central province of Sri Lanka.

Exploring some of the places located in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka is a must to see the heyday of bygone Sri Lankan people. Inside the cultural triangle, the travellers encounter ruins of thousands of years old well-planned cities with temples, palaces, markets and living quarters of common people.

The historical cities such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya shows the evidence of the great culture that existed in the past. The historical buildings such as Jetawanarama are similar to the structures of Pyramids in Giza. A well-developed water management system that existed on the island is great feats of the ancient engineers of the country. The palaces which built by Sri Lankan kings had been large edifies of that time Eg. Parakrama palace of Polonnaruwa.

Tour operators organize round tours (usually these tours take several days) enabling you to explore the cultural sites in Sri Lanka. The best way to visit these places is to take part in private tours because group tours do not allow you to spend as much time as you need to explore the sites.

Sri Lanka trips things to do Exploring Village life

Exploring village life is definitely one of the very exciting things to do in Sri Lanka. Village tours are new to the leisure sector in the country. These special packages make you the opportunity to visit traditional Sri Lankan villagers their houses and farmlands.

It allows you to explore the lifestyle of village folk. Guest friendly people in the villagers welcome you with the most dignity and help you to have a memorable holiday. You can have the opportunity to have more insight into the traditional village life through the village tour.

Usually, these packages include many activities performed by the village folk like riding on a bullock cart, kayaking in the village tank etc. Same times you visit important places in the village such as village school, temples, paddy field. 

Eating like local in a village house also included in most village tours and it is one of the very interesting things to do in Sri Lanka. This is a perfect opportunity for foodies to taste typical Sri Lanka rice and curry.

Travellers can engage in these village tours in many leading tourist resorts such as Habarana, Bentota beach, Kalutara, Galle and Negombo.

Sri Lanka Adventure Tour With Hill Country And Beach

Sri Lanka trips things to do Ayurveda treatments

Experience the healing effect of Ayurveda is one of the interesting things to do in Sri Lanka. The age-old healing method of Ayurveda is one of the most popular healing methods among Sri Lankans.

A large number of health resorts mainly on the west coast provides exposure to healing practices such as herbal massage and various other treatments. Even the travellers can choose Ayurveda resorts where Ayurveda treatments are carried on various ailments. These resorts are attracting a large number of customers and the number of travellers who look for the holistic healing system is increasing day by day.

Most leading hotels provide Ayurveda treatment packages for their in-house customers. These Ayurveda packages can last only a few hours to many days, which is largely decided by the Ayurveda doctor and the expectations of the customer. If you did not plan for a multi-day Ayurveda course in Sri Lanka you can choose short Ayurveda courses such as body massage and sauna.


There are possibilities for recreation activities in clubs and nightclubs in Sri Lanka. Most of these clubs are to be found in Colombo and suburb. Several new night clubs were opened in the recent past in the resort areas of the west coast.

Watersports is one of the most striking Sri Lanka trips things to do. The island enables travellers to perform a large number of water sports in the water resources such as rivers, lakes as well as the Ocean.

The beach resorts like Bentota, Hikkaduwa, Negombo provides many possibilities for travellers to get engaged in many water sports activities such as white water rafting, Kayaking, surfing, diving, snorkelling, boating, fishing, banana boating, riding on water scooters etc.

Travellers can find water sports centres in leading beach resorts. Several popular water sports centres are located in the Bentota beach area. The travellers can book any activity over the phone or just visiting the water sports centre.

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