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Basking in the Southern part of the Indian coast, just off the Indian Ocean, beautiful Tropical Island, Sri Lanka is a biodiversity hotspot for seamless retreats. Many dozens of tourist hotspot, beaches and fascinating history are some of the reasons that make Sri Lanka an impeccable country to visit for any traveller. What is so special about Sri Lanka land packages? The hundreds of thousands of  white sandy coastline, green-capped mountains, cascading waterfalls, verdant jungles,

Sri Lanka land packages for stress-free Holidays

Basking in the Southern part of the Indian coast, just off the Indian Ocean, beautiful Tropical Island, Sri Lanka is a biodiversity hotspot for seamless retreats. Many dozens of tourist hotspot, beaches and fascinating history are some of the reasons that make Sri Lanka an impeccable country to visit for any traveller. What is so special about Sri Lanka? The hundreds of thousands of white sandy coastline, green-capped mountains, cascading waterfalls, verdant jungles, alluring backdrops, wealthy UNESCO world heritage sites, green tea gardens and friendly people are so inviting and have much to offer. 

Have you ever thought of visiting this beautiful tropical island?  We at Seerendipity tour have listed out the essence Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday for you to explore this charming island in 2020.

5 Popular Sri Lanka land packages

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Exploring the fascinating history at a glance

The history of Sri Lanka spanning over 3000 years, the island offers wide-range interesting historical monuments and many of them carry the emblem of “UNESCO world heritage site”. The 5th-century urban city Sigiriya rock fortress,1st century BC Dambulla golden cave temple, the sacred city of Anuradhapura with its roots going back to 3rd century BC, the medieval city of Polonnaruwa, the iconic Buddhist temple of the sacred tooth relic in Kandy and Galle Fort are some of the most important examples of Sri Lanka’s historical wonders, and UNESCO declared world heritage sites. Immerse in a history-rich Sri Lanka travel package to see the marvellous historical past of one of the most historical cultures in the world.

Sri Lanka land packages -go in search of Festivals

Being a cultural melting pot with many ethnic groups, Sri Lankans are very keen on their festivals and rituals and strictly adhere to them as a rule. Esala ceremony of Kandy, Full moon festival in may better be known as Vesak festival, Poson festival in June; Buddhist and Hindu New Year celebrations are some of the most important events for the Sri Lankan Buddhist community, which makes the biggest portion of Sri Lankan community.  

Festival of light better known as Deepavali, Vel festival, Mahasivaratri, Thai Pongal, an annual festival of Nallur in Jaffna are some of the important celebrations meant for Hindu society of Sri Lanka. Annual gathering at Madu Church in Jaffna and the Christmas festival is main special occasions for Christians of Sri Lanka while Eid celebrations are conducted by the Islam community. With so much happening in the festival perspective, isn’t Sri Lanka looks like cultural heaven? Indeed, you will be lost in a land filled with vibrant ethos.

Kandy Esala Ceremony is the most beautiful pageant on the island and attracts spectators from all around the world, this is a cultural event evolved over many thousands of years. The annual event of Esala ceremony started in the 2nd century BC as a Buddhist religious ceremony; however, it has absorbed some Hindu characters to it with the presence of Gods. The event is participated by about half a million people of majority are local spectators representing all major religious groups.

Esala ceremony is Held in the month of Esala (July/August), which is beautified by the elegantly decorated elephants, parades sparkling in gold, dancers, musicians playing traditional instruments and classical performers. The entire festival showcases the essence of Sri Lankan culture. 

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Run wild on your Sri Lanka land packages

Wildlife trips introduce you to the next level of Sri Lanka travel experience. With many dozens of wildlife reserves, bird sanctuaries and rainforests including Sinharaja rainforest, Udawlawawe Park, Minneriya national park, Yala, Kaudulla, Kumana, Horton Plains national park and many other not included in this blog.

Catch a glimpse of a herd of wild elephants; watch a majestically moving leopard, birdlife roaming freely, crocodiles are basking in the sun and mischievous monkeys leaping from branch to another in the upper canopy. Most local tour operators such as Seerendipity tours offer wildlife safari tours to leading national parks such as Yala and Wilpattu, use this opportunity to sight the wild animals through your bare eyes.

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Relaxing on Sri Lanka land packages

The white ribbon that marks the border of Sri Lanka is not a hidden secret to any traveller. Sri Lanka is boated to be one of the best beach holiday destinations in the world and encompasses multiple beaches that enable the sun-seekers to have a first-class holiday experience. Like most other beach holiday destinations, Sri Lanka also offers a wide range of saltwater activities along with serenity such as snorkelling, diving, boating, fishing, surfing and many other salt-water based activities. With regards to beach holidays Bentota, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, Mirissa, Arugam Bay, Nilavelia are some of the best places for Sri Lanka beach holidays.

Beach hopping, balancing on a surfboard and drift away with the wave, diving, snorkelling, fishing, whale and dolphin watching, visiting coconut island, a palm-fringed beach island, sampling Sri Lank delicious seafood in a beachfront restaurant, a walk to parrot rock, all night long beach parties, basking in the sun while enjoying the sea breeze are the top things to do in Sri Lanka beaches.

Taking a closer look into the fainting underwater world of Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary, in a glass-bottom boat, swimming with sea turtles, pampering in Ayurveda spa treatments, shopping for handicrafts and drop into a night club are some of the things to do in Hikkaduwa.    

Sri Lankan rural fishermen have developed a unique fining habit known as stilt-fishing, so don’t forget to try it out yourself. Most travellers that head to south coast make a visit to beaches such as Unawatuna, Ahangama, Weligama, where this unique fishing habit is a regular practice. Here is the best opportunity to learn the art of balancing; the fishermen are balancing themselves quite skillfully on a wand that rises from the seabed,  which is known as stilt fishing.

water rafting kitulgala
water rafting Kitulgala

Sri Lanka vacation tours – Boost your adrenaline

The palm-fringed pristine beaches, as well as torque waters of Sri Lankan maritime region, are not only suitable for relaxing beach vacations but also to a wide range of water sport activities. Bentota, Mirissa, Weligama, Arugam Bay, Hikkaduwa are some of the well-known beach resorts for water sport in Sri Lanka. The opportunities are endless fun-filled recreational; activities including swimming, diving, wreck diving, snorkelling, cruising, sailing and surfing. Surfing spots such as Weligama, Mirissa and Arugam Bay are perfect for adrenaline-pumping surfing due to the endless high waves.

Kitulgala better is known as “adventure playground for Sri Lanka” is a perfect spot for many thrilling adventures such as whitewater rafting, mountain climbing, waterfall abseiling, jungle trekking, caving and mountain climbing. However, whitewater rafting is the most popular adventure activity of Kitulgala. Usually, a water rating package of Kitulgala includes 5 kilometres or further guided rafting tour, along the Kelaniya River. Overnight jungle camping, rainforest trekking, and bird watching are also included in the most tour itineraries of travellers, who visit Kitulgala.   

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Sri Lanka vacation tours with nature trails

Nature holidays is not a new chapter of Sri Lankan tourism industry, and it is been practised over the many decades. However, nature tourism of Sri Lanka has a long way to go and need some aggressing promotions about the eco-holiday opportunities on the island, because most travellers around the world are not aware of the opportunities that Sri Lanka offer for eco-holiday lovers.  

Sri Lanka offers many hiking and trekking sites such as Adams peak hike, Ella rock, Knuckles Mountain range, Horton Plains national park, Sinharaja, Kirigalpoththa, Pidurangala and Belihuloya. If you like to have a trail, then you can go for a hike in a tea plantation in the upcountry of Sri Lanka, which sits above 1000 meters above sea-level. Through these trails, travellers will meet the exotic biodiversity and natural exquisiteness of the country.

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Sri Lanka vacation tours across the brisk cities

A trip to Sri Lanka will not be completed if you fail to discover the beauty of urban areas of Sri Lanka. Colombo is the most populated city on the island and economical hub of the country, the city has a unique blend of colonial presence as well as the characteristics of a modern city. There are many interesting places to visit in Colombo and parks, galleries, museums, zoo, temple, rivers, lakes, local food galore and first-class shopping experience makes the key ingredients of this tourist hotspot.    


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