Sri Lanka Tourist Attractions Reopened with Big Hopes

Sri Lanka tourist attractions are reopened for travellers with the ending of lengthy lockdown period in Sri Lanka. After 3 months intervals, the people of Sri Lanka are free to hit the road and explore beautiful places in Sri Lanka. A large number of people of Sri Lanka travelling visit Sri Lanka tourist attractions as a habit, like in most countries around the world.

Visits to Sri Lanka tourist attractions restricted

The closure of tourist places was a sudden move of the government that came to force in mid-march. All the tourists, who were on Sri Lanka trips had to abandon their Sri Lanka tours and return to Colombo.

The people of Sri Lanka were stranded into their residences as the movements of the people were restricted in view of controlling the COVID-19 Pandemic. Sri Lanka Tourist Attractions such as national parks, museums, rainforests as well as archaeological sites and all other important places kept closed for visitors due to COVID-19 Pandemic. The government of Sri Lanka first decided to close the Sri Lanka tourist attractions in mid-March.

Easing COVID-19 restrictions

The COVID-19 Pandemic is very successfully controlled in Sri Lanka and number COVID-19 patients have been kept under 3000 since the pandemic started. The number of deaths due to the COVID-19 is as low as 11. Early July the government of Sri Lankan started to ease the COVID-19 restrictions. In the first face, they opened all the institution that heavily contributes to the economy such as factories, banks, insurance. Thereafter, the government eased restriction on all other places and now the civilian life is almost back to normal.

While most other countries in the region such as Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh heavily battered by COVID-19, Sri Lankan has been able to contain the COVID-19 pandemic successfully. Even the performance of Sri Lanka’s economy is fully recovered, Sri Lanka has recorded a trade surplus of US$ 59 million, for the month of June.    

The government authorities decided to close all the national parks, rainforests, archaeological places, zoos and all other tourist places as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on the island. The decision also helped to make sure that the Coronavirus is not invading Sri Lankan wildlife reserves.    

Re-Opening Sri Lanka tourism with opening of Sri Lanka Tourist Attractions

However, the restriction of movement of tourist had brought a devastating blow to the economy of the people, who are engaged in the tourist industry. Around 2 million of people of Sri Lanka are engaged in tourism-related jobs. In some areas like southern Sri Lanka with Yala national park, almost half of the jobs are directly involved with tourism, where people are working as a jeep driver, jeep owners, hotels workers restaurant workers, guides, taxi drivers etc. Fortunately, now these people can witness the light at the end of the tunnel, with ease of travel restriction.

According to Sri Lankan tourist board, this is the beginning of the reopening of the Sri Lankan tourism industry. The authorities are planning to revive the industry in a gradual basis. In the first phase, they encourage the local travellers to travel within the island, however, the travellers have to follow the health protocol introduced by the health authorities. All institution that is involved with the tourist industry also has to adopt a set of health protocols.

Health protocol for the visitor of Sri Lanka Tourist Attractions

Health Ministry of Sri Lanka has instructed the civilians of Sri Lanka to maintain a 1-meter distance at all time while wearing masks and keeping hands clean all of the time. The hotels are allowed to accommodate 50% of the full capacity of the hotels, and necessary measure should be taken to minimize contact of the hotel workers with the guests.

The foreign travellers will be allowed to enter the island when the airport is opened in mid-august or September.

However, the opening date Sri Lanka airports are still uncertain and it depends on the repatriation program of Sri Lankan residents living in abroad. According to the government information around 50,000, Sri Lankans have shown interest to come back to the island. The government authorities intend to finish the repatriation program before opening the airport.

The popular national parks in Sri Lanka such as Yala national park, Udawalawe national park, Minneriya national park, Wilpattu national park have opened its doors to visitors after the lockdown. These parks are home to a large number of wild animals such as Sri Lanka Leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya), Sri Lanka sloth bear (Melursus ursinus inornatus), Sri Lanka elephant (Elephas maximus maximus), Marsh crocodile (Crocodylus paluster).

All archaeological sites such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya rock fortress, Dambulla cave temple, museums such as Colombo museums, Polonnaruwa museums are also can be visited. These archaeological sites hide a large number of monuments dates back to 3rd century BC. Sri Lank is also home to 7 UNESCO world heritage sites.

Sri Lanka is largely free of COVID-19 now, most CORONA-19 patients are reported among the expatriates and patients from the island not reported over the last month. The well-planned quarantine process is one of the most important reasons for the success of controlling the pandemic within Sri Lanka.  

The government had set up may dozens of quarantine centres on the islands and transfer the suspected citizens, who had come to contact with COVID-19 patients, despite they show no symptoms. Same times the expatriates arrive on the island also transferred to quarantine centre, where they have to spend 14 days which follows by another 14 days self-quarantine at their home.     

The civilian life is back on track in Sri Lanka with some restrictions. The government institutions such as health ministry, tri-forces and police are in high alert and ready to take necessary actions in a bit to control the possible future outbreak.

The Government of Russian have published the names of 11 countries, which are safe to travels and Sri Lanka has been able to qualify in the list. Sri Lanka receives a large number of Russian travellers and most Russian travellers love Sri Lankan beaches as well as wildlife reserves, rainforest as well as exploring Sri Lankan cities and archaeological sites.

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