My Sri Lanka Tour


My Sri Lanka Tour

When I recall on my Sri Lanka tour, what immediately comes to my mind is the beautiful Sri Lankan landscapes and the splendid historical sites, lush green vegetation everywhere we travelled. It is being more than 6 months a trip of 6 days in Sri Lanka, accompanied by a group of 7 people, which keep excellent memories.

Back to our Sri Lanka tour

On the first day of our Sri Lanka tour, we landed at the international airport of Katunayake at around 16.00 hrs of local time. Even though the lading time was 15.35 we landed a little bit late. It took a long time for us to leave the departure lounge and checkout process was really lethargic.  After going through the customs/formalities we managed to reach airport arrival lounge at around 17.15 hrs, where we supposed to meet our guide. Here we met our guide, I would like to use the term companion rather than the guide because he was friendly and very nice to us, even though I heard Sri Lanka is a very friendly nation, I never thought that Sri Lankans to be this much friendly and helpful. It seems this beautiful nation is blessed with friendliness, wherever we go we are received with warmth and friendliness. Shelton was always very helpful to us and we felt very very comfortable during the tour. I must say that Shelton is very knowledgeable and very good at his job.

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Later we checked into our hotel in Negombo, our hotel was located right on the beach and we were very lucky to have a sea view room. Surprisingly it was just a 20 minutes drive to the beach hotel from the airport and we never thought that we were able to enjoy fresh the sea breeze on the very first day of our Sri Lanka tour. We enjoyed pristine beaches in Negombo until the late night and thereby having time to relax after a long flight. We met again our tour guide just before the dinner and he briefed us about the proceedings of our Sri Lanka tour.

After the breakfast on the next day, we left for Sigiriya from our beach hotel in Negombo. The road that leads Sigiriya was really good and it was a very enjoyable trip on the day 2 and we had the opportunity to see the picturesque countryside, coconut plantations, rubber plantations along the way. There had been several cities (I don’t remember the names), where our precious time drained more than necessary I think. In several cities, we stuck for a long time, especially in cities near Colombo. But the traffic moves swiftly in all other places.

I heard that Pinnawala elephant orphanage is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. And I think it should be because never seen that much of elephants in one place ever before. It was really a nice experience for us.

We made the first stop at Pinnawala elephant orphanage and it was really the most important highlight of the day. The entire group enjoyed a lot while observing the mischevious behaviour of the little jumbos. We spend about 1 hour at the orphanage. According to Shelton, the animals here are having a  good time with ample of food delivered to the footstep, a river for a refreshing bath, plenty of room to roam around and a big house to rest. Afterwards, we drove to the hotel in Sigiriya.

On next day (day 3) we visited Sigiriya rock fortress, which is a world heritage site in Sri Lanka. It had been used as the official residence of King Kashyapa in the 5th century AD. We spent about 2 hours at the site exploring the various building, paintings, ponds, boulders, caves and beautifully landscaped garden. Sigiriya is one of the places that struck me the most during our Sri Lanka tour. We left for Sigiriya early morning as our guide suggested in order to avoid the scorching heat of the sun. We are all done by the mid-day and we felt it was a very clever idea to avoid the climb during the mid-day.

Elephant orphanage

As we had a lot of time left in the day our guide suggested a safari in the nearby wildlife reserve, known as Minneriya. after a short break with lunch, we set off on elephant hunting tour. We came to know that Minneriya is one of the best places to spot wild elephants. We enter the park with a lot of hopes spotting large concentration of wild elephnats! Let’s see. As we have expected we were able to spot wild elephants gathered at the Minneriya tank. Same times we were able to the same amount of foreign travellers, especially Europeans roam around in the park. After around two hours we decided to go to our hotel in the cultural triangle to dip into the pool and have a time with real holiday atmosphere.

Temple of the tooth relic Kandy, is one of the most important places in Sri Lanka.

Next day we were heading to Kandy from Sigiriya and it was a very enjoyable ride with several stops on the way. The landscapes are greener towards Kandy and really uprising. We stopped at the golden cave temple of Dambulla and it was a fantastic historical site with a large number of paintings and centuries-old statues. We were able to take a very close look at troops of monkeys hang around the temple.

Later in the days we spend the time in the cultural city of Kandy and visited several places such as Gem museum, tooth relic temple, Kandyan cultural show.

Botanical garden

Next day we took a day tour to witness several important sites in Kandy. We came across the Royal botanical garden. We enjoyed the beautiful surrounding with a large number of tropical trees and plants. The beautiful palm groove and orchid house are really worthy of a visit. Unlike in Sigiriya, the temperature in Kandy is relatively more pleasant. Otherwise, it was very hot and humid and the temperature was around 35 centigrade during the previous several days, despite we travelled in the month of September.

Gregory lake nuwara eliya

Next day we were travelling further towards the mountains under the beautiful sun of Sri Lanka, we stopped at several tea plantations to take a glimpse at beautiful landscapes and tea plantains. As we reached Nuwara Eliya city it was, even more, cooler than in Kandy and we learned the temperate had been around 8 centigrade after the sunset. We explore the Gregory lake and the golf course of Nuwara Eliya.

We knew that the train journey would be much much picturesque towards Nuwara Eliya from Kandy compared to the road trip, but unfortunately, we had not planned it in advance. But some of us will be hoping to take part in this scenic train journey in our next Sri Lanka tour, we have not planned yet but we hope to visit this beautiful island in about another 3 years. We are not ready to visit Sri Lanka in the near future because the world is big and there are so many interesting places to visit similar to Sri Lanka. So, we have postponed the train ride through the Sri Lanka mountains until our next Sri Lanka tour.

Tea garden Nuwara eliya

Later in the day, we explored the beautiful Nuwara Eliya city. For us, there was not much to do in Nuwara Eliya, therefore we felt one overnight stay in the city was enough. We visited picturesque Gregory lake, golf course, and several temples in the city. We had a nice time in an old pub in the city, which is located towards the northern end of the city, next to the bank of Ceylon building. Each of us sipped a couple of beer mugs before heading to the hotel. It was walking distance to our hotel from the city. It was really chilly in  Nuwara Eliya after the sunset.

The next day, we took the road to Bentota beach on the west coast, it was a long journey on a winding road but the landscape is really beautiful with several waterfalls, Mountains, escapements and tea plantations.

This popular beach resort is located at the confluence of Bentota river and the sea, the beach resort is surrounded by water from three directions. Many hotels are to be found in Bentota beach area and most of them are catering to high-end luxury travellers.

Beach resort sri lanka

We reach the hotel at around 13.00 hrs. The entire group was heading to the beach just after getting off at the hotels, even before finishing the check-in formalities. All are very eager to find out the beautiful settings of the beach, that we hang-around during the next several days. Later we checked-in to our hotel located right on the beach just before the lunch. That was the end our Sri Lanka tour. with sightseeing

But we were very happy with the tour and collected lot sweet memories during several days as we travelled through the country. The end of our tour marks the start of our nest interesting chapter of Sri Lanka holiday, the beach hopping. We spent 4 days on the beach, we have decided not to take any major sightseeing tour during the beach holiday.  It was really interesting at the beach resort and our beach holiday helped us to unwind our selves after a lot of work at home.

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