Sri Lanka taxi

Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean with a well-developed infrastructure. Sri Lanka is possessing one of the best transport systems in South Asia. There are a number of possibilities with regards to the travelling in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka taxis is one of the significant transport facilitators in the island. Sri Lanka Taxi is a very safe and comfortable transport method with compared to bus or train while they are often very crowded. Taxis are not only safe but also very comfortable way of getting around Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka taxi

Unlike a few decades ago one can find a well-developed network of taxis in the country today. Taxis can be obtained in cities around the island.  It may be difficult for foreign travellers to identify the taxis in Sri Lanka since they have no distinct colour or Taxi sign on the roof of the vehicle. Most of the time the number of taxi facilitator can be observed on the body of the vehicle with Taxi sign and it is clearly visible to the outside. Most popular method of ordering a taxi in Sri Lanka is through the telephone and one needs to wait 10-15 minutes before the taxi arrives. The prices are charged for the distance and prices are varied depending on the taxi facilitator.

Taxis are provided with taxi counters in all hotels in Colombo and other leading hotels around the country. There are a number of taxi providers in the country covering all parts of the island. There are taxi stations in the cities, where one can get taxis but it seems to be difficult to find the exact place where the taxis are stationed, especially for foreigners. By paying some attention in the places such as railway stations, bus stands, religious places one might be able to find the taxi stations while they are mostly located in such places. Most of the taxis in Sri Lanka are air-conditioned but there are some none air-conditioned taxis as well. Prices may change on the availability of air-conditioning in the vehicle. Taxis can be hired only for a particular hire or for a, for even months. Self-drive taxis can be obtained from companies in large cities such as Colombo, Kandy, and Bentota.

Air taxi service is also offered by several companies on the island and which was started recently after ending the civil war.

TUK TUK, a small vehicle with three wheels is another popular transport method in Sri Lanka and they are to be found in all corners of the island. These vehicles are mostly found in Asian countries such as India, Thailand, and Bangladesh. In Sri Lanka, they are called three wheels or TUK TUK and they are called Auto-Rikshas in Indian. TUK TUK is a very economical transport method though they considered not being comfortable or safe as normal taxis. Three wheels are not normally equipped with taximeters; hence the price for the journey should be discussed with the driver before starting the journey. TUK TUK can be recommended for a short drive rather than a long journey. TUK TUK is not installed with air-conditioning while the commuters get the fresh breeze from outside through the opened doors.

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