Sri Lanka is among the safest countries to travel in 2022

Sri Lanka has been chosen as one of the safest holiday destinations in 20222. If you still hesitate to take the Sri Lanka tour package and contemplate if sri lanak is a safe country to travel to; this is going to be a very useful piece of information. Sri Lanka is ranked as the 13th safest destination in the world. The survey was conducted by worldpackers website. The website further noted that traveling should be relaxing, fun, enjoyable, and not scary to everyone.

Some of the recent incidents had intimidated travelers around the world, making them contemplate before stepping into Sri Lanka. Some of these incidents are closely connected to politics and deteriorated economy in Sri Lanka. The people’s agitation against the rising living cost exploded in the first part of 2022 when a large number of people took to the street against the ruling government.

However, many months after the regime change, the country has turned to normalcy again and people are actively engaged in their usual duties. The tourism industry is picking up. Travelers around the world are given green light to travel to sri Lanka by their governments. We have seen a large number of foreign travelers on the island over the last few months (July, August, and September), and the industry specialists expect the momentum to continue throughout the year.

According to, the minister noted that Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country, where the culture flourished under the teaching of Buddha. Hence the country is safe to travel to as their mannerisms tend to be calm and welcoming.  The majority of Sri Lankans are believers in Buddhism and it accounts to be around 74% of the population. Sri Lanka is a very popular destination for Buddhists in the world and the island attracts a large number of Buddhist pilgrims from countries like Thailand. There is a high demand for Sri Lanka Buddhists tours among travelers.

Sri Lanka has secured 13th place among the safest countries to travel to. Accordingly, countries such as Iceland, Switzerland, Denmark, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Japan, Finland, Austria, Sri Lanka, and Rural UK were listed as the safest countries to travel to.

According to the Worldpackers Community’s Ms. Lauren, it is glad to mention the best place to visit for tourism. “Sigiriya is a must-visit when traveling Sri Lanka-an enigmatic summit with the remains of an ancient palace at the top.” Who wouldn’t want to see that!,” the website said.

“Overall, there are some incredible top destinations in Sri Lanka, but it’s recommended to go off the beaten path and discover it for yourself,” she added.