Hikkaduwa sun set, Sri Lanka in April

Sri Lanka in April

If you have planned to tour in Sri Lanka in April, you have chosen one of the best months for your trip in Sri Lanka and most importantly the weather is on your side…

Sri Lanka in April

Sri Lanka is a tropical holiday destination and provides a suitable playground for adventure and leisure activities all year round. The most parts of Sri Lanka are easily penetrable throughout the year, however, the travellers who, like to explore the palm-fringed beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka should be bit cautious, in order to discover the best beach resorts for their Sri Lanka tour.

Weather in Sri Lanka in April

The weather of the west coast and east coast of Sri Lanka is not suitable for outdoor activities during the monsoon. The monsoon has a 6 months changing pattern, its influence switch between the west coast and east coast every 6 months.

The east and north coast of Sri Lanka under the influence of monsoon from November to April while the south and west coast of Sri Lanka receive heavy rain from April to November due to the south-west monsoon.

Monsoon literally means the rainy season. Therefore the best time for beach tours on Sri Lanka’s west coast is from November to April. The best time to travel to Sri Lanka‘s east coast is from May to October.

April is a festival month and holiday vibe is at its best during the month of April as the people of Sri Lanka getting ready to welcome the New Year at an auspicious time. New Year celebration is one of the most important events for the people of Sri Lanka and nature is supporting the people to make their activities without any hindrance and provide nice warm weather over with the island. Therefore, April is one of the best months to travel in Sri Lanka and very suitable to visit historical places, snorkelling, diving, and all other outdoor activities.

If you have planned to tour in Sri Lanka in the month of April, you have chosen one of the best months for your trip and most importantly the weather is on your side. However, the tourist arrival is on the rise from November to April due to the influence of the winter season in the northern hemisphere.

Most travellers choose west and southern coast beaches of Sri Lanka during this period to take a rest while enjoying a refreshing sea bath, sampling fresh seafood and exploring the rich underwater world of Indian Ocean, mainly due to the favourable weather for outdoor activities. The weather of east coast beaches might not be suitable for saltwater activities during the same period due to the effect of monsoon.

What are the historical places we can visit in Sri Lanka in April?

Exploring historical places is in the bucket list of every traveller nowadays, and some of the historical monuments such as Sigiriya, Dambulla have been turned to tourist hotspots.

Fortunately, all historical attractions are penetrable during the month of April including seasonal tourist hotspots such as Adams peak. Below is a list of places that we think you should visit in Sri Lanka in April. However, we include only a few places in order to make it easy for you to plan the Sri Lanka tour.

What are the best beaches for holidays in April?

Unawatuna beach is one of the best places for Sri Lanka beach holidays from November to April

All beaches in Sri Lanka except east and north coast beaches are very suitable for beach holidays in the month of April. Below is a list of beaches most suitable for holidays in the month of April.

What could be the cost for a Sri Lanka tour in April?

With regards to the cost of your tour in Sri Lanka in April, what I can say is the Sri Lanka holiday budget is moderate in the month of April. Usually the cost of accommodation and other facilities sky-rocketed in the month of December due to the school holidays, new year eve and Christmas celebration.

The demand for accommodation starting to recede slowly from the month of January and the demands for accommodation is moderately lowered by April. therefore room rates are much lower in the month of April compared to the room rates in December and January. Parallel to the rooms rates the cost for transportation, guides, and even for some sites are also sink.

April marks the dawn of New Year

Transition of the sun from Meena rashiya (Pisces) to Mesha rashiya (Aries) signifies the dawn of New Year”, this is a phrase, which heard often in the island of Sri Lanka, during the month of April. April can be described as the liveliest month of the country.

The country is engulfed by the festivity mood throughout the month. Most traditional events and ceremonies of Sri Lanka are celebrated according to the lunar calendar. Perhaps ‘Bak’ or April is the most significant month for the people of Sri Lanka, due to the celebration of New Year known as ‘Alut Awurudu’.  Usually, the New Year celebrated on 13th and 14th of April.

Sri Lanka in April turning to a multi-coloured holiday island

This is typical scenery in Nuwara Eliya in the month of April, beautifully landscaped garden of Gregory lake comes to life with thousands of colourful flowers.

April is most notably a colourful month, the month of April is considered to be one of the most colourful months of the island, mainly due to the flowering season for most trees and plants.

April marks the beginning of the South-West monsoon and end of the North-East monsoon. Most seasonal fruits and flowering plants start to propagate their seeds during this time, ahead of the coming rainy season fruits, all parts of the country, especially in western and southern parts of Sri Lanka including mountains. Therefore most seasonal fruits start to produce seeds in the month of April.

Most flowering plants and trees are also flowering in the month of April and it can be best observed in Nuwara Eliya, where colourful flowers such as dahlia, rose, and cannas are decorating the city with vividly coloured flowers.

Traditional events in April

The month of April shows the traditional face of Sri Lankan life. April is one of the months with least rainfall in Sri Lanka. Therefore the weather is very suitable for travellers.

April is the month to explore the traditional events of the people of Sri Lanka. This is the time which shows the traditional sports, costumes, eats, and customs of the people.

Once the New Year is dawned, people start to engage in traditional sports such as ‘an adima’ and ‘pora pol’. New Year sports festival is organized in every village and participated by all the people of the village. If you can arrange a visit to a local family, it gives you the best opportunity to see the traditional way of celebrating the Sinhala New Year.

Freedom from tourists

April marks the end of the peak season (November to April) of tourist arrival in Sri Lanka and tourist traffic is slowly recedes from April onward until October. Therefore the number of foreign travellers, who make Sri Lanka tours are is starting to decrease during the month of April.

The west coast beaches of Sri Lanka are still the best for beach holidays in the month of April, still, there is no underwater current or forceful waves during this time, means it is suitable for the sea bath.

Despite the nearing monsoon, the sea is very calm and gentle in most places of west and southern coast. But, attention should be given to the red flags on the beach, which show the temporary unsuitability of the sea for a bath.

April is one of the hottest months in Sri Lanka. Moreover, the average humidity measured to be high during the month. It is highly advisable to have protection against the strong sun rays while travelling in Sri Lanka, especially during April.

Traditional eats

Traditional sweetmeats of Sri Lanka this plate includes Kewum, Kokis, milk rice, Mun-Kewum and peni walalu

Perhaps this is the only occasion of the year in which the traditional sweetmeats are prepared by some Sri Lankan families. Delicious traditional dishes are appearing at the New Year meal table of every household.

“Ach charu”,”kokis”, kawum, “aggala”, “aasmi” are some of the eats served on the day of New Year. By choosing April for your holiday in Sri Lanka, it not only gives you the pleasure of enjoying the natural beauty of this tropical island such as beaches, tropical vegetation, fascinating wildlife but also the experience of the traditional face of the Sri Lankan culinary.

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