Ridiyagama Safari Camp

    Ridiyagama Safari Camp Being an island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is very popular as a beach holiday destination and attracts a large number of beach holiday lovers. The western province of Sri Lanka is the most popular beach holiday destinations in the country, where most tourists take refuge during their holiday. Therefore the most number of accommodation providers is concentrated in cities such as Bentota, Kalutara, Negombo, and Hikkaduwa in the western province. However, Sri Lanka is a multi-faceted holiday destination and Sri Lankan offers much more than sun, sea and sand. There is a large number of places to visit on the island such as historical cities,…


    Kanneliya-Dediyagala-Nakiyadeniya Rain Forest Sri Lanka

    Kanneliya rain forest (Kanneliya-Dediyagala-Nakiyadeniya) or KDN is a forest complex with high importance, located in southern Sri Lanka. And same times KDN is one of the least known natural jewels in the island and seldom included as an important site of the visit in most Sri Lanka road trips. Since 2004 the Kanneliya rainforest is declared as a  biosphere reserve by UNESCO. The KDN complex is the second largest rainforest in Sri Lanka after Sinharaja forest reserve. This forest area has been identified as one of the richest areas with flowering plants in South Asia. Kanneliya is categorized under the low land and evergreen rainforest similar to Sinharaja. Kanneliya is one of…


    Watching dolphins in Kalpitiya

    Dolphins are one of the fascinating creatures in the world. Dolphins are believed to be one of the most intelligent animals in the world. You might have heard of interesting stories that revolve around dolphins. Some of them show how the people, who were in trouble, were helped by dolphins in the ocean. But, this is not a story that re-iterates the capabilities of this intelligent animal. This story reveals you one of the best places for spotting Dolphins, of course in their natural habitat.

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    Top 5 wildlife reserves to visit in Sri Lanka within one day

    Venturing on a Sri Lanka wildlife tour packages is the best way of exploring the rich wildlife of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is abounding with wildlife reserves and forests and most of them are protected parks and nature preserve. There are many type forests are occurring here such as rainforest, dry-zone forest, mountain forest, mangroves and savannah... wildlife tours Sri Lanka

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    Galoya National Park

    Galoya National Park This wildlife reserve is so unpopular, even the most Sri Lankan scratching their heads and think of where about this national park is if someone asks the direction for this national park. Even though it has a large number of animals occurring throughout the year, especially the will elephants the park is one of the least visited national parks in Sri Lanka. This national park is situated in the remote area of Ampara in the Monaragala district. Ampara is not a popular tourist gathering area in Sri Lanka and therefore it is not included as a place of visit in most Sri Lanka road trips, therefore most…

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    Sri Lanka Wildlife

    Sri Lanka wildlife Even though Sri Lanka is not a big country and differs in many ways from African countries such as Kenya and Tanzania, Sri Lanka offers plenty of opportunities for wildlife safaris. Sri Lanka wildlife collection is rich and vivid it includes leopards, elephant, crocodile, monkey, wild buffaloe, deer, jackal and many other animal species with a large number of birds, amphibians, insects and vertebrates. The chances of seeing big herds of animal-like in African safari are might rare on the island. But Sri Lankan national parks are rank among the best places to witness wild animals such as leopards and elephants. Recently conducted a survey on wild…