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    May unfavorable month for holiday in Sri Lanka

    Prevailing weather in the month of May 2012 in Sri Lanka is very warm and humid with the ending of inter-monsoon at the start of the month. The weather in Sri Lanka is very warm and humid during the daytime as well as night and it will not be changed for another two weeks as per the med department. The oppressive heat is making very discomfort, especially in the cities. But the heat is a bit relieved in the remote areas due to the substantial green cover. According to the met department, the prevailing warm weather will be ended soon with the beginning of South-West monsoon. The south-west monsoon will…


    Illegal treasure hunting in one of the beautiful places in Sri Lanka

    Ingiriya one of the beautiful places in Sri Lanka, located in Ratnapura district, western province come to fore with another episode of treasure hunting. The city is considered being one of the best places for holiday in Sri Lanka owing to its natural beauty. Ingiriya is one of the major cities between Rathnapura and Panadura with historical values. The city is being visited by thousands of pilgrims during the Adams peak pilgrimage season, that starts in may. Illegal treasure hunting is being carried out in various places in the island. These illegal treasure hunters destroy many artefacts that are centuries old and look for valuables.


    Sri Lanka environmental issues and remedies

    Sri Lanka environmental issues and remedies The improper waste management has been under discussion as one of the environmental issues in Sri Lanka for several decades. Even though the garbage management has been improved to a satisfactory level in some parts of the island such as Colombo, Gampaha, there some areas still not improved to a satisfactory level. Improper waste management has caused hygienic issues in some areas. Increasing number of Dengue patient is reported in populated areas and improper waste management has been identified as a reason for the increasing number of mosquito breeding spots. Garbage has caused flooding in major cities such as Colombo due to blockage of…

  • sri lanka crocodile, Galoya national park

    Sri Lanka Crocodile

    Crocodile one of the most dangerous animals in Sri Lanka (about Sri Lanka) there is a high possibility of occurring them in remote areas. If you make a Sri Lanka trip with wild life parks you never fail to spot a couple of them. Crocodile is one of the most common animals that can be spotted in Sri Lanka safari tours. You probably think that crocodiles are occurring only in national parks and wildlife reserves! but it is not like that. Crocodile can occurs even in most populated areas of Sri Lanka, there had been many instances that crocodiles are captured in busy parts of the island such as Colombo.…

  • British-ceylon, British attempt on ceylon

    The British Attempt On Ceylon

    The British Attempt On Ceylon In the 17th century, when the throne of Kandy had passed to the Nayakkars of South India from King Rajasinghe, there began dealings between the king of Kandy and the British. In 1761, when king Kirthisri was incensed against the Dutch, he sought the assistance of the English on the suggestion of his Nayakkar relatives who were acquainted with the English Company at Madras. A vakil was sent to intimate to the president of Fort of St.George that the king would be pleased to receive an embassy from the British to concert measures for the expulsion of the Dutch from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). The English…

  • green bille coucal, Kandy city Tour

    Green Billed Coucal

    Bird watching is an integral part of tourism and every tourist do engage in some sort of bird watching when they travel to foreign soil, especially in a country like Sri Lanka the tourists spend a lot of time for bird watching, even though, it should not essentially be a bird watching the tour. If you wish to see bird there are no extra trips needed in Sri Lanka, because birds are occurring all around the island. The travellers can see the common bird species like mynah, egret, pigeon and babbler while they on the move. Usually, the travellers come across paddy fields, patches of forests, tea plantations, lakes and…