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  • dense foliage of sinharaja forest

    Sri Lanka’s Dry Zone Evergreen Forest

    As the name suggests this forest type can be seen in the dry zone of the country, where the annual rainfall amounts to between 1400 – 2000 mm. This forest type is also known as the semi-evergreen forest; it is the dominating forest type in the lowland, dry areas of the country.  This forest type can occur up to 600m from the sea level. Today as much as 75% of the remaining intact forest cover in the island is categorized under this type of forest. Dry zone forest grows from the beaches of the island and spread up to 600 meters above the sea level in the direction of the…

  • British-ceylon, British attempt on ceylon

    Colonial Rulers In Ceylon & Its Religious Treachery

    Sri Lanka was under the foreign domination for several centuries; especially the country was under the administration of Portuguese, Dutch and English, during which people had to bear the treachery of this colonial administration. Each of these colonial rulers was very keen on using the island’s natural resources for the benefits of their mother country, apart from the economic benefits they were very interested to introduce their native religions and languages to the island. They were successful up to a certain extent on their venture on propagating religions and languages. Persecution of Catholics When the Dutch assumed the administration, the lowlands of Sri Lanka were inhabited by Buddhists, Hindu and Muslims. But…


    Arid zone vegetations of Sri Lanka

    Arid zone vegetations of Sri Lanka Arid zone vegetations of Sri Lanka is most evident in the areas of Hambantota in southern Sri Lanka and Puttalam in North-west Sri Lanka, where the rainfall at the minimum level in the island. Usually, the travellers, who take Sri Lanka road trip come across Yala and Hambantota where this type of vegetation can be seen. Due to the large variation of annual rain forests and different topographical features, the forests in Sri Lanka are divided into mainly six categories. Arid zone forest type is the least attractive of all these forest types and it is dominated by thorn and scrub bushes. This forest…

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    Ancient Sri Lanka Engineering Marvels

    The first settlers of Sri Lanka (Indo-Aryan) possessed of high technical ability, with wide vision and a highly developed  “water” and topographical sense. The vastness of conception of the irrigation system of ancient Sri Lanka removes all doubt that the old engineer must have depended to a critical degree on a system of levelling Dating back to 1st century BCE, Anicut, Vaan, Bisokotuwa invented by ancient Sri Lankan engineers are comparable to the modern sluice, spillway and valve-pits. The culture of Sri Lanka generally described as Sinhala Buddhist culture. Even though there are three other minor cultures that originated in the latter period. Other minority cultures on the island being identified as…


    The Story of Three City Tanks

    Basawakkulam, Tissa wewa and Nuwara wewa, is as old as the history of Anuradhapura. It is older than the oldest historical tree in the sacred city, namely Sri Maha Bodhi. The three tanks had been used to beautifying the Mahamegha, or royal pleasure garden, by filling the bathing ponds with water, by providing for the communal need of the population and finally bypassing the water down to irrigate the rice fields in the suburb of Anuradhapura. Basawakkulam lying in a shallow valley with its water held up by an earth-bound whose concave side faces up-stream, claims pride of place as the oldest of the three. It has been identified as…


    Ramba Vihara

    Ramba vihara lies beside the Walawe basing of Hambantota district. This is a treasure of historical significance and shows us the antiquity of Sri Lanka. A large number of murals and statues can be seen at the image house of Ramba Vihara, especially the murals narrate the stories that depict the grandeur of Sri Lanka.  Ramba Vihara Hambantota is a popular beach holiday destination the island of southern Sri Lanka. A large number of travellers heading to the pristine beaches around Hambantota every year. Hambantota is on the radar of national and international travellers not only as a place for relaxing beach holiday but also as a place to experience…