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  • Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle Tour, Anuradhapura or Polonnaruwa

    Anuradhapura or Polonnaruwa

    Anuradhapura means exploring Sri Lankan history, and Polonnaruwa also means exploring Sri Lankan history. But the difference is the age of the historical monuments because the crumbling monuments of Anuradhapura date back to many thousand years and some of the structures such as Abhyagiri dagoba (pagoda or stupa) and Ruwanweli dagoba built before the birth of Christus

  • Sigiriya rock fortress, Sigiriya or Kandy?

    Sigiriya or Kandy?

    Kandy and Sigiriya are only about 100 km away from each other and both destinations are well connected with A9 highway, which is one of the best roads in the country. If you wish to travel from Sigiriya to Kandy it will not take more than 1 hour 30 minutes. You also get plenty of option with regards to transport from Sigiriya to Kandy, due to its location on the A9 road.

  • Yapahuwa, Sri Lanka heritage tour

    Sri Lanka heritage tours

    Sri Lanka is a country with one of the oldest cultures in the world and Sri Lanka has a large number of historical monuments that are included in most Sri Lanka heritage tours. Sri Lanka inherits a very colourful heritage its own. Ancient temples, advanced water management system that follows the principals of hydraulic and trigonometry, Palaces, Forts, stupendous pagodas (Stupa), beautiful paintings that depict various stories, intricate wood carvings, and Gigantic rock-cut Buddha statues are some of the evidences from the flourishing culture that managed by Sri Lankan kings; all boast with pride of Sri Lankan royal tradition backed by Buddhist ideology. From Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Kandy, Tissamaharama to Jaffna…

  • sri lanka itinerary 5 days, sri lanka 5 day tour, 5 day trip to sri lanka, 5 days sri lanka itinerary, Is 5 days enough in Sri Lanka? How can I spend 5 days in Sri Lanka?

    Winter in Sri Lanka

    The picture of Sri Lanka conjures up of pristine palm-fringed beaches, crystal clear torque water, wildlife reserves teemed with elephants, and bustling cities. Visiting Sri Lanka Is a wonderful experience at any time of the year because there is no seasonal difference like in countries in the northern hemisphere… Winter in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka was chosen as the best winter holiday destination in 2019 by USA Today The island was selected as the best venue for a winter holiday in 2019 by the USA today. The country had been chosen from the 20 countries around the world, the list of countries was included countries such as Galapagos island, Dubai,…