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Sri Lanka Car Tours

Sri Lanka car tour with local driver-guide is considered being the best way to explore Sri Lanka. Especially after the Corona pandemic, the demand for Sri Lanka private car tours is considerably increased, thereby the travellers can maintain the social distancing while exploring the country.

Being an island there are only two methods to travel to Sri Lanka, one can use air transportation or cruise ships to reach Sri Lanka. Most international travellers required to have the tourist visa to travel to Sri Lanka while some nationals are exempted from the visa requirement.

More than 25 nations are exempted from tourist visa from August 2019. The process of acquiring a visa is straightforward and less paperwork. Even, one can apply for an online visa through the Sri Lankan government website.

Apply for a visa, finding accommodation, look for one of the best Sri Lanka car tours, and find the places to visit are key things that every traveller consider on the planning stage of the Sri Lanka tour.

What do you really need to travel to Sri Lanka (officially)?

It is highly advisable to organize your Sri Lanka holidays through an agent because travel agents take care of the entire process of your trip, from the Arrival transfer to the departure. If you are travelling for the first time in Sri Lanka, you may find it difficult to find places to stay and places of attractions.

  • National tourist guide lecturer

In the first hand, you need to have a tourist driver-guide to accompany you around the country. They are specially trained by the national tourist board of Sri Lanka; they are well educated and capable of giving trustworthy information about the country, history, nature, and people of Sri Lanka.

  • Cheap alternatives for travel agents?

There is a possibility of hiring a tourist guide lecture for your trip to Sri Lanka. You can find the contacts of these tourist guides through the internet. Hiring a trustworthy Tourist guide to solve most of your problems pertaining to Sri Lanka travel. They are also providing all services rendered by the costly travel agent for a fraction of the cost charged by the travel agents.

  • Accommodation

Accommodations are available in plenty for travellers in Sri Lanka. The prices of accommodation varied depending on the type of accommodation. One can find expensive luxurious accommodation to accommodation with very basic facilities for a few dollars.

It is highly advisable to have your accommodation confirmed before arriving in Sri Lanka. Otherwise, you may have to face some difficulties to find a proper place to stay. Furthermore, it is usually expensive when you make a hotel reservation as a walk-in guest.

Note: be careful with online hotel reservations. Some accommodation providers make a very rosy picture of the property through the internet but you may find it to be totally different once arrived in the place.

It is highly advisable to sit in the back seat of the car. The drivers of Sri Lanka have their own traffic rules, which known only by them. It may seem to be a deadly task to drive in Sri Lanka but once you are familiar with it, you can live with it.

Hiring a vehicle is the best way to travel to Sri Lanka. Public transportations such as Buses and trains take a lot more time than required for a drive and usually very crowded. Tuk Tuk is a good option against the public transportations; it is cheap but not suitable for a long drive.

Sri Lanka is a country with one of the oldest histories in the world. It is one of the few countries that is continuously inhabited since the pre-Christian era.

This Asian country has a lot to share with you such as thousands of years of old ancient cities, historical monuments, wildlife reserves, primaeval rain forests, attractions with Colonial influence and many UNESCO declared world heritage sites. Just pack your bag and take the tour it is highly worth to take a tour in Sri Lanka.

Whether it is short trip or a multi-day Sri Lanka trip, taking a Sri Lanka package tour is the most popular form of tour arrangement in Sri Lanka. Usually, the tour packages include accommodation to transport, meals to all the sightseeing tours.

  • Sri Lankan Money

Sri Lanka Rupees (Rs) is the official name of the Sri Lankan currency and it is divided into 100 Cents. Most currencies available in the world are accepted on the island. You can change the money at the airport, where there is a large number of bank counters. Changing the money at banks enables you to have the best exchange rate while exchange rates in hotels are always lower than the banks.

  • What’s the meal like

Sri Lanka kitchen is known to be very spicy. Like in most Asian people, Sri Lankan also likes to eat spicily and adds a lot of spices, chillies and pepper. But for most of the palates, the foods are spicy but very tasty.

Note: if you can’t bear the spicy food ask the cook to prepare some food with less spicy or without chilli. It does not cost you extra. Another alternative is to have some ground coconut with spicy dishes. Ground coconut reduces the impact of spicy foods.

Drinks: the country is endowed with a large array of tropical fruits. There is plenty of opportunities to get fresh fruit juices at very cheap rates. Thambili or King Coconut is the most popular thirst quencher in the country. It is a variety of coconut with a lot of tasty water and full of vitamins and mineral.

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