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    Hidden Coastline of Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka beach holiday Lying elbow-to-elbow with strangers on the beach while sunbathing, is a common experience for many travellers, who choose popular beaches along the west, east and southern sea border. There is still a stretch of beach, known as pigeon island Sri Lanka, which is not known to most travellers around the world, it lies in solitary and keeps hiding from the naked eyes of the mainland. Some places are remote and some others can be reached easily. But if you wish to enjoy solitary in an isolated island, far away from the crowd, lying on the beach yourself while enjoying the natural beauty of a small island,…

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    Sri Lanka’s Buzzing Emerging City Trincomalee

    Sri Lanka’s Buzzing Emerging City Trincomalee Bentota, Kandy and Colombo in the bucket list of every traveller, but only one in 10 come across the vibrant, buzzing city of Trincomalee in the eastern corner of the island. In 2006, the government of Sri Lanka withdrew from the peace deal, which signed with rebels, and started to attack rebels in order to get the control of North-East Sri Lanka, which was unofficially governed by the rebels for 30 years.  After nearly three years of the successful campaign (2009), the government forces were able to abolish the unofficial authority of the rebels in the region. The island was visited about 500,000 tourists…

  • Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka

    Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka

    The name Unawatuna is derived from “Onna-wetuna” means “there it fell. Unawatuna bay is separated from the sea by a coral reef, which is about 100 meters from the Unawatuna beach.  Unawatuna beach is a safe place for year-round swimming due to its geographical location with the protective coral reef. History of Unawatuna beach goes back to the pre-Christian era and Unawatuna is surrounded by several historical and religious places such as “Wella Devala”. Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka The history of Unawatuna beach goes back to several thousand years and it is lavishly adorned by Valmiki, the author of Ramayana. According to Valmiki, “Unawatuna is a seashore dotted with thousands…

  • rice and curry sri lanka

    Learning To Make Rice And Curry In Sri Lankan Way

    Learning To Cock Rice And Curry In Sri Lankan Way Get some taste of typical local food while seeing how it is prepared in a foreign country is definitely a nice experience. If you are the type of traveller who likes to learn the food culture in the foreign soil and try the different gastronomies while you travel, Sri Lanka is definitely a place for you. Traditionally made Sri Lankan rice and curry has its own taste and aroma. It differs in many ways from cuisines available in other parts of the world. In this article, we discuss rice and curry and about several places where you can have this…

  • Namal Uyana the Biggest Pink Quartz Mountain Range in South Asia

    Namal Uyana the Biggest Pink Quartz Mountain Range in South Asia

    Pink Quartz Mountain Range of Sri Lanka is the largest of its kind in southern Asia. Same times this place holds a very important place in the history of the island. According to the historical notes, The tiles of Taj Mahal were made using materials pink quartz of Namal Uyana. Taj, Mahal the 7th wonder of the world was a creation of emperor Shahjahan and believed to using the finest materials from all around the world in the creation of the palace. According to the historical notes, the Emperor himself visited the animal Uyana pink quartz mountain before using it to make marbles. Namal Uyana is said to have been used…