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One Week In Sri Lanka

One Week in Sri Lanka

“One week in Sri Lanka”, is the name of this Sri Lanka tour package, however, this tour package lasts more than 1 week, still we call it one “week in Sri Lanka tour” because we actually allocate on 7 days for the sightseeing, the last day of the tour is the departure transfer from the beach hotel to Colombo or to the airport.

Sri Lanka being a small country, you will be able to see a large number of top sights in the cultural triangle, Sri Lanka mountains, southern Sri Lanka and coastal belt during this one week in Sri Lanka. You will be travelling about 1300km in one of our comfortable modern vehicle during this one week in Sri Lanka. This eight days tour can be customized as per your requirements without any additional fee, please get in touch with us and one of our travel consultants will be in touch with you.

This one week in Sri Lanka is memorable for most travellers, who ventured on this holiday package with us. This is a private tour, therefore you can have the maximum privacy during this one week in Sri Lanka, there will be no intruders in your vehicle. According to our experience as a local tour operator, who organize Sri Lanka tour packages, one week in Sri Lanka is quite enough to plan a leisurely and memorable Sri Lanka tour, of course with proper planning.

During this one week in Sri Lanka, you also can have a bit of rest while visiting the sights. You will be able to get a lifetime of memories and experiences by visiting places such as the temple of the tooth, Sigiriya rock fortress, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa historical cities. Enjoy the rants life of people in Colombo and Kandy.

You may think that it is difficult to have a holiday in Sri Lanka, but little respect for the culture and tradition of Sri Lankan people you will be enchanted.  You will be surprised by the guest treatments of Sri Lankan people. You will take by surprised the majestic history of the island and the engineering marvels of the ancient Sinhalese civilization.  Some of the buildings and monuments such as Jetawanarama (5th century), Abhayagiriya (1st century BC) are great engineering feats even for the modern civilization. You can cover up most of the important attractions in the cultural triangle within three days of time. But if you wish to spend more time, still you will be able to find many other attractions within the borders of the cultural triangle. The cultural triangle is packed with thousands of lesser-known historical attraction.

Travelling in Sri Lanka is very simple for people, who can speak English. All the signboards and roads are written in the English language. Apart from the easiness to find the proper direction, Sri Lanka has a well-developed road network and transport system. You will get plenty of trains, buses, taxis, inland flights to reach any destination in the country. Driver options and guiding personals are readily available to have a hassle-free tour in the country.

One Week in Sri Lanka

Itinerary for One Week in Sri Lanka

Day 1 – Usually most travellers start this one week Sri Lanka tour from the airport, however, there are some other travellers, who request a pick-0up from hotels on the west coast for this one week in Sri Lanka tour. This is a private tour and therefore there is no hard and fast rule with regards to the pick-up location or pick-up time, they are highly flexible and can be adjusted to the requirement of the participants.

According to the plan, the first event of the one week in Sri Lanka package is to get familiar with Colombo in aColombo city tour, Colombo is the commercial capital and which is a bustling metropolis. However, there are many important places to visit in the city and carry historical, cultural and religious importance. Colombo is an ethnic melting point with many numbers of religions, languages and ethnic identities. Enjoy the historical and cultural sites in the city while indulging you with some shopping. At the end of the city tour, you will move to the hotel in Colombo for dinner and overnight stay.

sri dalada maligawa

Day 2 – After the breakfast at the hotel, set off for Anuradhapura and arrives in the most historical city in the island. You will cross the climate zone borders from wet-zone and enter the dry-zone by early noon. You will be in a middle-class hotel for the lunch break. Visit the historical city in the afternoon and see the enchanting palaces, temple, reservoirs and many other attractions. after the sightseeing tour of Anuradhapura, you leave for the hotel in Sigiriya/Habarana, and you will be staying 2 night in the hotel.

Sigiriya/Habarana is centrally located within the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka and provide easy access to the most important tourist hot spots in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. You will be visiting Sigiriya rock fortress, Dambulla cave Tempel and Polonnaruwa historical city from your hotel in Habarana, all three places are UNESCO world heritage sites including Anuradhapura. The drive from Anuradhapura to Sigiriya takes about one hour, where you have dinner and overnight stay.

golden buddha statue dambulla

Day 3 – Today you start after breakfast at about 7 o’clock. First visit Sigiriya rock fortress, which is only a few minutes away from the hotel. The hike at Sigiriya will be strenuous and it is highly recommended to start the hike early morning to escape from the scorching heat. The mid-day hike would be very difficult due to the steep hike amidst the heat. The round trip hike at Sigiriya will last around 2 hours for most travellers, however, it could be more than 2 hours pr less some times, all depends on the age and physical fitness. It is highly recorded to wear a light cotton t-shirt and a short as you visit Sigiriya, same times don’t forget to have a pair of shoes suitable for the hike.

After the hike at Sigiriya, it is time to have free time, you can ask our guide to stop at a restaurant in order to have lunch or a drink, before proceeding to Polonnaruwa. Polonnaruwa is a UNESCO world heritage site and an important site on this one week in Sri Lanka holiday package. There are many palaces, temples, stupas to visit in Polonnaruwa featuring rich architectural and engineering skills of ancient engineers, and artisans of Sri Lanka.

After visiting Polonnaruwa, return to the hotel in Sigiriya/Habarana, and en-route safari at Minneriya national park. Minneriya is one of the most popular wildlife reserves on the island and a place to spot a large number of animals such as elephnats, wild buffalo, crocodile, jackal and many other animals along with many species birds, vertebrates, and insects. However, the safari is an optional activity and also highly subjected to the availability of time.

Day 4 – On the 4th day of this one week in Sri Lanka package tour, you will visit tourist attraction in Kandy, which is the cultural centre of Sri Lanka. This beautiful city is situated about 500 meters above sea level and one of the most beautiful cities in the country. You will definitely enjoy the trek in the spice gardens, Udawattakele forest reserve and botanical gardens.

In the afternoon you will visit Tooth relic temple which is the most sacred Buddhist temple on the island, the temple is visited by thousands of devotees and a large number of foreign travellers. The visit to the tooth relic temple is a highlight for most travellers, where the visitors see a large number of statues, paintings, and many other artefacts.

After the tooth relic temple, you have the opportunity to witness the Kandyan cultural show, where many young male and female dancers perform to the tune of drummers and flautist. The fire walking, the walk on the burning coal is a highlight for most travellers, who visit the Kandyan cultural show and the Kandyan cultural show is a rare opportunity to see the typical Sri Lankan dance performances.

Kandyan cultural show

Day 5 –  The knuckles forest reserve is the biggest forest reserve in central Sri Lanka and one of the most valuable patches of forests in the country. You will have the opportunity to see a large number of fauna and flora of Sri Lanka. This will be a lifetime experience for you and it takes about 3 hours. After the morning hike at knuckles forest reserve, you are free to have your own time in the resort or have a visit to the Kany city.

Tea plantations nuwara eliya

Day 6 – After the breakfast back in the car for a scenic drive through the mountains. There are frequent stops to take photos of beautiful vistas, waterfalls, plantations etc. Today you come across the tea country and sip a cup of typical Ceylon Tea. Make a visit to a well maintained and beautiful tea plantation. You will see Nuwara Eliya, which lies at the elevation 1800 metres above sea level. Nuwara Eliya a small town, which is enchanting and one of the traveller’s favourites on this route. Afternoon visit to Victoria Park and the Nuwar Eliya town.

Leopard at yala national park

Day 7 – Today you drive to the southern part of the country, another beautiful corner of the island, which is very rich in patches of forests. The journey will take about 4 hours to reach Tissamaharama, where you have lunch after lunch check-in the hotel. You will be staying in a hotel in Tissmaharam, and you spend one night in Tissamaharama. In the afternoon jeep safari at Yala national park, which is the most popular wildlife reserve for safaris on the island.

Today you drive through the Yala national park and enjoy the scenery along the way. There is a high possibility of witnessing wild elephants on the safari. There is a good chance of spotting leopards as well, and Yala national park is one of the best wildlife reserves to spot leopards in the world, due to the large number of leopards that concentrated to Yala. After safari return to the hotel in Tissamaharama for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 8 –After a leisurely breakfast departure transfer to your hotel in Colombo or to the airport to take the onward flight. You will drive along the southern and western coastal belt, means that there are many opportunities to catch nice scenery and experiences along the way, such as Hikkaduwa beach, Galle fortress, Bentota beach, Madu river estuary. You will encounter another unpopular natural attraction of Sri Lanka, which is located is located along the way, which known as Hummanaya or blowhole, which is the second biggest natural fountain in the world.

End of the One Week In Sri Lanka tour


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