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Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka?

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Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka?

Originally this article was published in June 2018 and Sri Lanka was a very safe holiday destination at that time. Unfortunately, Sri Lanka has become a victim of international terrorism for the first time in its history with Easter Sunday (21.04.2019) attacks in several churches and hotels.

This has been the first terrorist attack took place on the island since 2009, therefore we decide to make a few changes to this article due to the bomb attack, which killed more than 250 people on Easter Sunday 2019.

This bomb blast causes the world travellers to refresh their thought “is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka?“. According to the information, the attack was masterminded by ISIS and this attack was their very first show on Sri Lankan people. However after 1 month since the catastrophic event, Sri Lankan civil life is back on track and tri-forces have been able to make sure the safety of people. According to the information the forces have apprehended a large number of terrorist and the terror network in dismantled.

After the attack, many countries have issued travel advisories to their citizens against travelling in Sri Lanka, However, those travel advisories are been downgraded now and they will be removed in the near future. China is the country, which took the first move to endorse the safety of Sri Lanka to travellers after the Easter Sunday attack. This had been a big blow to Sri Lanka’s tourism industry, however, the experts predict that the tourism industry will be back to normal in few months times as the safety on all visitors is guaranteed.

At the time this article is being formulated, the newly elected prime minister of India honourable Narendra Modi is planning his first foreign trip after electing for the second term in the office to Sri Lanka on 9th June 2019. The visit of prime minister Narendra Modi seen as an endorsement for the safe environment in Sri Lanka.

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Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka? It is a question that we answer very often because most travellers head to Sri Lanka inquire about their safety when they plan a Sri Lanka holiday package. In the wake of increasing political disturbances and terrorist attacks around the world, most travellers are very concern about their safety while they travel. Mainly due to the large numbers of terrorist attacks taking place around the world, people are very concern about safety while they travel on foreign soil. Sri Lanka also had a very grim period in the past with regards to safety due to the terrorist attacks. Therefore the travellers still pay extra attention to safety matter before heading to Sri Lanka.

If someone asks “is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka?” The answer is YES, it is totally safe to travel to Sri Lanka. As many countries in the region suffered from political instability, terrorist attacks, civil unrest pose threat to the travellers, Sri Lank provides the most secure environment for a peaceful holiday within its borders. In fact, Sri Lanka is one of the safest holiday destinations in the world. That’s why Sri Lanka attracts more than 2 million tourists a year. The tourist can travel to any part of the island without any fear.

Sri Lanka was a safe country for foreign travellers even in the past and there were not terrorist attacks targeting foreign travellers. But, less than a decade ago, a large number of travellers refrain from travelling to Sri Lanka due to the travel advisories issued by many countries around the world. The main reason for the travel advisory is the political unrest prevailed in the north and east Sri Lanka. The effect of northern political unrest felt in the rest of the country as well with occasional terrorist attacks. But the tourists were never targeted in these attacks. Even after ending the political unrest in 2009, still, some tourists have doubt about safety.

The civil war, which started in 1983, was ended in 2009. The war and rumours in foreign countries kept a large number of intimidated travellers kept away from the island. The island was visited around 500000 tourists a year during the war. The number of foreign tourist in several rebel-held areas in northern and eastern Sri Lanka was not safe to travel. Therefore a number of travellers in the north and east Sri Lankan was very negligible. The pristine beaches and historical and important religious sites were isolated for more than 30 years.

The terrorist had been the main reason for the underperformance of the tourism industry in the country and the island is visited by only around 500000 tourists a year during the war. Even though only the north and eastern part of the island was not suitable for travellers, due to the false rumours in the foreign countries made unnecessary fear of travelling to Sri Lanka. Even though only the north-east Sri Lanka was affected during the war, most travellers did not wish to choose Sri Lanka for their holidays, mainly due to the false rumours about safely in Sri Lanka.

After ending the war in the north and east the tourist traffic started to move in the direction of northern Sri Lanka because it was safe to travel to northern Sri Lanka. As all the rebel-controlled areas came under the government control entire country had become a safe holiday destination in the world. Since then all countries around the world withdrew their travel advisories that issued against Sri Lanka. As the government around the world issued the green light for its travellers who are heading to Sri Lanka, the island had become a holiday hot-spot in southern Sri Lanka.

Since the end of the civil war, now there is a remarkable development in the tourism sector. Large numbers of hotels were built within the last few years and big players such as Shangri-La are among the companies, who invested in the island. The most noteworthy change was seen in the north and east of Sri Lanka. With the opening of north and east to travellers after more than 30 years, a large number of foreign and well as local travellers started to head on to these unexplored areas, creating a massive demand for tourism-related services. Therefore a large number of hotels, restaurants and many other accommodation providing institutions bubbled up, making it a new source of income for people in the area.

All in all, it is very safe to travel to Sri Lanka, but there are few areas in the north and east coast of Sri Lanka where you need to be careful while travelling. This is mainly due to land mines. During the 30 years of civil war, a large number of landmines were buried in some parts of northern and eastern Sri Lanka. The mine clearance was carried out for many years, after the war by the Sri Lankan government forces and many non-governmental organizations, but still, there are few areas that are not cleared yet. So, if you happened to travel to remote areas of northern and eastern Sri Lanka it is highly advisable not to penetrate unclear woods.

Today Sri Lanka is a very safe holiday destination in the world and the island is ranked among the best places to live in the region. In fact, Sri Lanka is the best country to live in south Asian countries. Recently federal Bureau of America affirms the safety of Sri Lanka to its citizen by lowering the risk level to its minimum level on par with most peaceful countries around the world. Guardian and travel trend 2 of the most trusted travel magazines in the world has identified Sri Lanka as one of the top holiday destinations to travel in the world. They have considered many factors in deciding these 10 destinations while safety was one of the key factors.

Below are the top 10 destination s to travel according to travel trends

  1.  Brazil 2. Nicaragua 3. Seoul, South Korea 4. Taipei, Taiwan 5. Mykonos, Greece 6. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA 7. Panama 8. Siem Reap, Cambodia 9. Colombo, Sri Lanka 10. Gold Coast, Australia
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