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Invasive plant Giant Mimosa in Sri Lanka

Naturalists have discovered new invasive plant species known as giant mimosa in the jungles of Sri Lanka. the plant is spreading in the mountainous areas in the country especially Rive bank of Mahaweli. The invasive species shows a rapid distribution posing some threats to the existing other native plant species.

Introduction of the invasive plant is not known to the naturalist but they are first discovered in the areas of Mahaweli river bank. Now they have spread to the inner lands where the crops are cultivated. Mimosa is identified as one of the worst invasive plants in the world and it is one of the most 100 destructive plants in the world.

Distribution of Giant mimosa in Sri Lanka

Giant mimosa has now spread even to the districts such as Kurunegala, Kegalle, Nuwara Eliya and Matale. These districts are highly depending on the agricultural products and agriculture is the main livelihood of the people. Farmers who are making the comments on the plants say that it is difficult to control the fast-spreading plant. Even though they were first discovered at the banks of Mahaweli River due to the rapid distribution they are spreading into other areas of the country.

Invasive Plant shows a rapid progress in its distribution mainly due to the environment they grow. The seeds are distributed through the water and sand mining is the second reason for the rapid distribution. The sand which is removed from the banks of Mahaweli River transported to various parts of the country, spreading the plant and its seeds with it. This plant shows a rapid growth compared to other native plant species and they absorb all the plant nutrients in the area. Therefore the native plants are deprived of resources causing their destruction.

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