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Deniyaya Sri Lanka

Deniyaya Sri Lanka

Nuwara Eliya is the most popular health resort for local travellers in Sri Lanka. The development of Nuwara Eliya as a holiday destination is going back to the 1800’s and the development of Nuwara Eliya is essentially attributed to the British colonial rulers. “Wasantha sanakeliya”, the peak holiday season of Nuwara Eliya falls in the month of April. During which, the city is flooded with local travellers, making some hardships to find accommodation and other facilities needed for holidays in the area. Foods and accommodation are overpriced during the period due to the overwhelming demand.  Therefore in recent time, local travellers have started to find alternative holiday destinations such as Deniyaya and Bandarawela.

Deniyaya is very similar to Nuwara Eliya in terms of weather, vegetation and landscape. The city lies over 2600 feet above the sea level. The entire region is a mountainous area located near the central mountain range, in the direction of south-west of Deniyaya is the Rakwana-Bulutota pass. A large number of mountains and valleys can be seen around Deniyaya making similar landscape to Nuwara Eliya. The lowest elevated area of Deniyaya is about 1000 feet from the sea level while the highest point of Deniyaya is 3900 feet above the sea level. Deniyaya is the highest point in the Matara district. Atinkanda mountains (2655 feet above sea level), Tibbatugala (2065 feet above sea level), Kurulugala (3880 feet above sea level) and Gongala (3900 feet above sea level) are picturesque mountains surrounding Deniyaya.

The unique geological pattern of mountains and valleys of Deniyaya adds a very interesting picture for the travellers. Deniyaya is a valuable catchment area in southern Sri Lanka. A number of leading rivers such as Gin Ganga and Nilwala are fed by the perennial streams of Deniyaya. Due to the richness of water resources in this mountainous area, a number of waterfalls arise from the streams. One of the beautiful cascading waterfalls here is satmala Diyaella and it attracts a large number of people every year. The streams, rivers, waterfalls of Deniyaya are beautifully shaped by a large amount of water throughout the year.

The weather pattern Deniyaya is largely influenced by the Sinharaja rainforest and Rakvana mountain range. The temperature in Deniyaya is very modes and February is the month with least rainfall of the year, the highest temperature is also recorded in the month of February. Several rainforests such as Sinharaja and Diyadawa forest reserve are located bordering Deniyaya. Therefore, the Bio-diversity of Deniyaya is considered to be at very high level.

Apart from the natural wealth, the city accommodates several important ancient Buddhist temples. Gatabara Devala and Kolawenigama Raja Maha Vihara are the two most visited such Buddhist temples in the area. The history of Gatabara Devala is going back to the 1st century BC. It believed to be used as the safe place by King Walagambahu, during the south Indian invasion. Later, once the king re-gained his kingship, he had built the Gatabara Devala, as a tribute to providing shelter to the king.

According to the historical information, the tooth relic was hidden in Kolawenigama Raja Maha Vihara during the reign of King Buwanekabahu. The tooth relic was hidden in the temple for five years, during this period the country was partly controlled by the invaders.

The rich vegetation, attractive landscape, and mild temperature with high rainfall make Deniyaya a very attractive destination for eco-holidays. There are plenty of opportunities in Deniyaya for adventure holiday lovers to do hiking, trekking, mountain biking and mountain climbing. After considering the natural and historical resources of Deniyaya, Sri Lankan government has chosen Deniyaya to develop as a holiday destination in the country. The authorities are planning to direct some travellers to Deniyaya, especially from southern resort areas such as Galle and Unawatuna. Many steps have been taken to improve the infrastructure needed to improve the tourism in the area.


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