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Galle city tour- A Day Trip to Southern Sri Lanka

Galle city tour

Galle city tour- A Day Trip to Southern Sri Lanka

A Galle city tour is a very attractive Sri Lanka road trip and gives you the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful places in southern Sri Lanka. This is the tour to see the best preserved colonial city in Asia while exploring other attractions in Galle. Galle is a major city in southern Sri Lanka and can be easily reached by bus or train. For tourists who are staying on the west coast, it is just a matter of 1-3 hours journey to reach the city of Galle. Despite the well developed public transport facilities it is highly recommended to hire a taxi to get the most out of your trip to Galle. Hiring a well-experienced driver/guide make it easy to find the attraction and save time along the way.

Colonial History of Sri Lanka
This magnificent fort is dating back to 15th century and one of the best-preserved forts in the region

Visiting Dutch fort during the Galle city tour

The most important attraction on a day trip to Galle is undoubtedly the Galle Fort. The fort is majestically standing on the western corner of the city, between Galle Cricket stadium and the Ocean.  It occupies a considerable portion of the city and adds historical value to the city. Galle Fort is the oldest city built by European colonial rulers in Asia. The origin of fort goes back to the 1505 and it was occupied by Portuguese, Dutch and colonial rulers. The fort was given a complete facelift during the Dutch colonial era.  Today it is declared as a world heritage site and posses a large number of Dutch styled buildings.

Lace products

Lace is a locally manufactured textile and the technique of weaving lace is a colonial heritage of women in Galle. It can up to six months to create an intricately designed blouse. This is a region-specific clothing manufacturing technique handed down from generation to generation. There is a huge range of wooden masks, animal figures, wood carvings and other trinkets to be sold here. To find something with modern with Sri Lanka style, drop into one of the textile shops in the fort, all of them selling trendy fashion designs.

Turtle Hatchery

Turtle hatchery is an important stop for any of the trips along the border of western Sri Lanka. There are several turtle hatcheries in the areas of Kosgods, Ambalangoda and Galle. These are privately managed turtle conservation centres that render important duty in order to secure the existence of sea turtles on the island. You have the opportunity to see the number of disabled animals and you may be lucky to see babies in great number that are ready to be released. Try to get there early in the morning; you may be lucky to release some babies to the sea. In the turtle centre, you are taken to separate tanks where the turtles kept. And same times, one person explains to you about the sea turtles and how they engage in the conservation effort of this endangered animal in Sri Lanka.

There are seven Marine Turtle species recorded in the world and Sri Lanka is the home for five of the seven species. Green turtles, leatherback sea turtle, olive ridley turtle, Hawksbills and Loggerheads marine turtles are the five species come to the beaches of Sri Lanka for nesting.

Turtle hatcheries are one of the most visited attractions on the west coast of Sri Lanka. Many places along the western and southern coastal belt, where sea turtle hatcheries can be seen. Sri Lanka is a home for five of the eight sea turtle species in the world, namely Loggerhead, Olive ridleys, Hawksbill, Green and Leatherback turtles. The conservation effort of Sea turtles in Sri Lanka is dating back to the 1970’s. According to the information, the first sea turtle conservation centre was started in 1978 in Kosgoda. The conservation centres are rendering a very valuable service in the effort of conserving this endangered marine animal in Sri Lanka. Other than being a breeding ground for sea turtles, they are also engaged in protecting the handicapped animals.

The sea turtle conservation centres are located along the beaches and many of them were completely destroyed during the Tsunami of 2004. Today, after many years of the natural catastrophe, they have revived the effort of conservation of this rare marine animal again. Don’t forget to visit one of the turtle conservation centres if you travel to the west coast of Sri Lanka. Tourists are charged a nominal fee for visiting these places. Visitors are not only having the opportunity to see sea turtles in different ages but also can learn the lifestyle, living habitats and how to help the effort of conserving sea turtles here. Following are some of the images taken at a turtle conservation centre in Kosgoda, Sri Lanka.

Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary
Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary is one of the 2 marine sanctuaries in Sri Lanka that harbour a large array of sea creatures.

Boat ride in Hikkaduwa

A glass bottom boat tour at the Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary is also included in this gallery city tour. The shallow waters of Hikkaduwa harbour a large number of coral reefs, exotic fish species and sea plants. Therefore a boat ride is well worth in a glass bottom boat. You can hire a boat for a few dollars and a one-hour boat ride gives you the opportunity to see part of the fascinating underwater world of Sri Lanka.

Madu river safari

Madu Ganga is the 2nd largest wetland in the country. It is located near Galle and visited by a large number of people every day.  This is declared as a Ramsar wetland due to its importance for the global environment. One can see a large number of mangrove species, fish species and aquatic bird species here. There is a large number of islands within the borders of the wetland and they are inhabited by a large number of people. You have the opportunity to visit one of the islands and see the lifestyle in these solitude islands.

These are the leading activities of this Galle city tour. Some other optional activities such as visiting stilt fishermen, moonstone mine, cinnamon plantation, batik factory and mask museum can also be included to the Galle city tour.

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