Dreaming about travel to Sri Lanka after lockdown? Get inspired by these fabulous travel photos

While it is not possible to travel across the borders in many parts of the world at the moment, it is not possible to travel to Sri Lanka, as its gateways to foreign travellers are closed. However, there are no restrictions to dream about a Sri Lanka trip. Sri Lanka is home to a large number of places to explore, and I have compiled some of my favourite images of Sri Lanka, that we have collected over the last few years.

1 Take a closer look into a herd of wild elephants

Udawalawe national park sits in the Sabaragamuwa province of Sri Lanka, which is one of the most popular places for Sri Lanka jungle tours.

Udawalawe national park in the western province of Sri Lanka is famous for its wild elephants. Watching elephant calf as well as well-grown jumbos has neven been so easy, thanks to Udawalawe national park. It is one of the youngest national parks in Sri Lanka and established in the mid 19s. Today udawalawe attracts a large number of travellers and it is one of the best wildlife reserves in Sri Lanka for elephant safari.

2 The reefs of Sri Lanka’s west coast

Hikkaduwa of southern Sri Lanka is one of the best places for a beach holiday and Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary is an important feature of Hikkaduwa, which harbours a large number of marine fauna and flora.

The reefs near Hikkaduwa on the west coast of Sri Lanka is teeming with exotic sea creatures; brights corals, sea turtles, the cloud of fish wait for divers with crystal clear, and calm water. This valuable eco habitat is part of most Sri Lanka day trips such as Galle one day tour. Sometimes it is included in other road trips of Sri Lanka such as 5 days Sri Lanka trip to southern Sri Lanka and 7 days classical tour.

On 10 days in the month of July/August, every year is special to the people of Kandy. This cultural hub of Sri Lanka, in the mountian entrusted to host a many thousands years old religious event, known as Esala ceremony. Esala ceremony attracts nearly a half a million local as well as foreign tourists every year. However, no tourists are allowed to attend the ceremony in 2020 as a precaution to avert any possible COVID-19 outbreak on the island. Usually, thousands of dancers, drummers, flautists, and richly decorated elephant hit street during the miles long processions.

4 Bottle feeding of baby elephants

Elephant transit camp is built to rescue and rehabilitate orphan baby elephant found in the jungles around the island. The baby elephant shows up at the transit camp every day 5 times to drink milk.

5 Surreal villages

Tissamaharam of southern Sri Lanka is home to a large tract of pristine forests and rice paddies. This is Tissamaharama Tempel located amidst the rice fields and in the backdrop is the Tissamaharama ancient lake and central mountain range.

6 Spotting leopards

Spotting leopards in Yala is one of the most exciting things to do in Sri Lanka. Yala national park of southern Sri Lanka rank as the best wildlife park in the world to spot leopards. Leopard is the biggest land-based carnivore in Sri Lanka and many of them are living in the park. Sri Lanka wildlife tour based on Yala national park is the best bet for you to encounter a leopard.

7 Take a closer look into the biggest animal in the world

Mirissa ranks among the best places to spot blue whales in the world. This south-west coastal village is one of the best places for beach holidays as well as for water sports. A large number of tourist are gathering here every day to embark on a whale-watching boat trip, which enables them to have a close look into blue whales, dolphins, sea turtles and sperm whales.

8 Calm and quiet beaches

The coastal belt of Sri Lanka, especially western and southern beach areas are quiet places ideal for relaxation. The palm-fringed, white sandy beaches ideal hideouts for beach holidays, diving and snorkelling in Sri Lanka. The best time to travel on the west and south coast of Sri Lanka is from November to April.

9 Ancient Buddhist monuments

Anuradhapura is the most ancient city in Sri Lanka, dating back to 3rd century BC. Anuradhapura is an archaeological zoo with many hundreds of ancient monuments, spreading over 40 sq.km. Anuradhapura is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the most important cities of Sri Lanka cultural triangle.

10 Tea garden and mountains

Venturing on a scenic rail trip through the Sri Lankan mountains is one of the best ways of taking a glimpse into the breathtaking mountain and valleys.

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