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White water rafting in Kitulgala and Nature holiday 

Whiter water rafting in Kitulgala and Nature holiday

Whiter water rafting in Kitulgala and other adventure activities in Kitulgala is one of Sri Lanka’s best-kept secrets. It is a magical landscape with mountains and escapement that covered with tropical rainforest vegetation. The region is full of perennial waterways, shimmering rivers, waterfalls that running through the forested hills.

Inland water resources such as rivers, canals, and tanks, are also underutilized for recreation activities in the country. But, still, there is an upward trend of doing kayaking, water rafting, fishing and boating in inland water resources, according to the experts it has a long way to go. Kitulgala is the most popular destination for water rafting in Sri Lanka. Several private companies provide the well-trained personnel to conducts this excursion in very safe manner. Rafting at Kitulgala is suitable for novices as well as more experienced. Depending on the requirement you will be given a difficult or less adventurous terrain.

It is just two hours inland from the west coast, you can enjoy days exploring the beautiful tropical forests, mountains, valleys, and beautiful villages. There are several caves near Kitulgala that dates back to many thousand years. For instance, Belilena is a cave, which inhabited by most ancient human inhabitants of the country, is well worth a visit.

Public transport in this less populated area is limited; hiring a vehicle is the best option to reach this picturesque area. There are a number of treks for hiking, cycling and walking in the area. A large number of mountains provides the possibility to do mountain climbing for adventure holiday enthusiast.

Kitulgala is an ideal holiday destination if you look nature retreat or holidays with outdoor activities. One of the longest rivers of Sri Lanka, Kelani River flows through Kitulgala; it can be used to do fishing and other water sports such as kayaking, and white water rafting.

Streams and rivers with crystal clear water are shaded by thick tropical rainforest vegetation. The area is full of green and ideal for nature lovers. There are several natural swimming pools for refreshing swimming opportunities in the area. Visitors of Kitulgala have plenty of opportunities keep to themselves occupied with various activities even for many days. The trips can be organized into surrounding attractions such as mountain villages, ancient caves, waterfalls, rainforests and a Buddhist temple.

Even though there is a lot of important places to visit and see within Colombo, one can have an interesting day trip, travelling to Kitulgala that located west of Colombo. This would be an ideal escape from your routine activities in the office. You can get the taste of Sri Lanka’s natural wealth that Colombo does not offer.

Kitulgala is one of the least explored destinations among the foreign travellers too, compared to places such as Kandy, Sigiriya, Bentota. Most foreign tourists, as well as local travellers, are not aware of its potentiality for adventure tourism. Even though there had been an upbeat of tourism in the recent past the resort is set to become a hotspot. Kitulgala is cheap, accommodation, food, adventure activities all are affordable compared to other tourists hot-spots in the island.

If you look for challenging mountaineering activities places like Kitulgala can be promising places for your holiday. Located about 80m kilometres from Colombo, Kitulgala is one of the most greenish remote villages in the country. There is a very rugged terrain in Kitulgala with abruptly rising mountains with green caps. Large rocks originated millions of years ago are a prominent sight in the low lying area of Kitulgala. It was here, a part of the world-renowned Oscar-winning film “Bridge on the river quai” was filmed.

How to get there?

First thing I need to tell you here that getting to Kitulgala is not easy: There are no trains to go to Kitulgala yet public buses can be used to get there. One can get a bus from the main bus station in Pettah. Hatton/Nawalapitiya bound busses or busses plying to Nuwara Eliya via Avissawella can serve you. Taxi is the best option with regards to the transportation to Kitulagala, it is faster and comfortable.

Adding Kitulgala to multi-day Sri Lank tours

For travellers who take part in multi-day Sri Lanka road trips, have a better chance of coming across kitulgala. Because central mountain includes in most Sri Lanka tour packages. Kitulgala is located in the foothills of the Central mountain range and one can reach Kitulgal from any of the cities in the mountains within a few hours time.

White water rafting sri lanka

Kitulgala is a place for an adventure holiday in Sri Lanka and it is one of the most beautiful laid-back cities on the island. It is about 2 hours drive to Kitulgala from Colombo. Kitulgala is located in the wet zone of West Sri Lanka and gets nearly 5000mm of rainfall a year thereby making the wettest region in the wet zone. Kitulgala is surrounded by Evergreen low land rainforests and the region is abundant with mountains, escapement and rainforests.

The city of Kitulgala is a popular place among the people in Sri Lanka and abroad, while it was selected as the venue for the world-renowned, award-winning film “The Bridge on the River Kwai“. It was filmed on the Kalyani Ganga near Kitulgala. Unfortunately, there is nothing remains from the site, where the filming took place.

Many tourists make a day excursion to Kitulgala and local People make their way to Kitulgala in the weekend to enjoy the nature and make some adventure sports.

Organized tours and excursions are the most popular way to visit Kitulgaala. Most travellers visit kitulgala on organized tours while some of the toruists hire private vehicles to get there. Most tourists occurring here are the adeventure enthusiasts and young crowd, heavily european crowd. I guess most older travellers stay away from Kitulgala because most activities offered here demand good physical strenth and movability.

What are the adventure activities available in Kitulagala?

One can expect to have beautiful scenery around Kitulgala. It provides ample opportunities to make adventure activities such as Jungle walk, Waterfall, jumps, Sliding, White Water Rafting, Mountain climbing, Hiking, Trekking and Mountain biking. Kitulgala considered as one of the best palaces for biking, with many tracks through the mountains, escapement, tea plantations, slopes, valleys, as well as jungles. Mountainous terrains in Kitulgala provide maximum adventure experience for the bikers and some of these terrains being considered as finest biking sites in the world.

Trekking and mountain climbing

Kitulgala provides many sites for mountain climbers. There are many mountains in the area and one can experience the enjoyment of mountaineering adventure. Mountaineering in Kitulgala allows the climbers to explore the fascinating mountain ranges. The mountains in Kitulgala, offer breathtaking, enthralling, climbing routes. Kelani River and the waterfalls around Kitulgala are other key attractions that enhance the experience of trackers and hikers.

Kitulgala is rich in history and tradition, and it is a paradise for the nature photographer’s with plenty of visual delights: tumbling waterfalls, mountains, tea estates, and sweeping gorges.

Is Kitulgala good for Birdwatching?

YES! Kitulgala and surrounding provide one of the best sites for bird watching on the island. Most of the endemic bird species are sighted in Kitulgala making it most visited places among the nature lovers. The Ceylon Spur Fowl, Crested Serpent Eagle, the Ceylon Hanging Parrot and the Lay lard’s Parakeet are some of the mostly sighted rare birds around the Kitulgala Adventure lovers can explore deepest rivers, highest mountains, wildlife, and one of the best bio-diversity hot spot in the world. A seven kilometre Mountain bike track from Kitulgala takes you to Beli Lena.

Caving sites in Kitulgala

Beli Lena one of the few places, where the pre-historic man lived on the island. The cave is situated two thousand meters above the sea level and surrounded by rubber plantation. The cave was occupied by the pre-historic man called ‘Balangoda man’ or ‘Homo Sapians balangodensis’. During the excavation on the site, archaeologists have found 16,000 years old skeletal with some other stone implements.

Some other caves produce even older specimens, for example, Fa hien-lena with 37000 years old skeletal, Batadombalena with 31000 years old skeletal. Artefacts found in this cave are also dating back to the pre-Christian era. Archaeologists have discovered some pre-historic tools that are 30000 years old from the Batadombalena. These artefacts provide valuable evidence about the South Indian civilization existed in the pre-Christian era.

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