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Do you believe that you need only 10$ a day for your holiday

Do you believe that you need only 10$ a day for your holiday

Who does not like to travel, Have holidays? No one! Everyone likes to enjoy the life and travelling is one of the most popular methods of rejuvenating your body and mind. According to the WTO, the number of holidaymakers is constantly increasing throughout the world.

Travelling need lot of research and study to find the perfect holiday destination to have an enjoyable holiday. Particularly, when you travel to a long haul destinations. Attractions, accommodation, cost, availability of time are some of the key factors to consider for choosing the holiday destination. Particularly, the cost of the holiday needs to be dealt with care, because your holiday can be very embarrassing if it exceeds your budget.

With the prevailing economic environment, most people are inclining not to spend lavishly on their holidays. Average people are feeling economic restrains with the increasing living cost. On the other hand, holidays are also getting more expensive every day. Lodging, airfares, food all are matters of increasing holiday cost.

In this post, I’m going to talk about the cheapest holiday destination in Asia namely Sri Lanka.  Do you believe it cost only 10$ per day to have a holiday in Sri Lanka, of course without luxury? Just to have basic accommodation with local food in an average restaurant and travelling in public transport, you need only 10$ a day. Sri Lanka is an emerging holiday destination in Asia recently Sri Lanka has been chosen, by lonely planet, as the hottest destination to travel in 2013. Cost-effectiveness is one major reason for Sri Lanka, being selected as the most favoured holiday destination in 2013 by lonely planet.

Sri Lanka is not only cheap but also it offers a large number of places to explore such as historical sites, wildlife reserves, primaeval rain forest, and pristine beaches. This Asian country has one of the oldest continuously inhabited civilizations in the world. This 10$ budget plan does not include the entrance fee for attractions. The cost of entrance to popular places are expensive and differ greatly depending on the attraction. But there are large number attractions on the island, that can be visited free of charge.

Following is the cost of estimation for a holiday in Sri Lanka for less than 10$ a day.

  1. Cost for basic accommodation on Room only basis 5$. You can find the accommodation for 5$ in an economical accommodation facility such as guest house, rest house, rent room or homestay.
  2. The average cost for Breakfast in a local restaurant average 1$. This is the average cost for a breakfast in a local restaurant. The prices of food and beverage differ depending on the restaurant.
  3. Cost of Lunch in an average restaurant 1$.
  4. Cost for a dinner in an average local restaurant 1$.
  5. Bottle of water 2 litres 1$.
  6. Transport in public transport such as trains and busses, average 1$ per 20 KM. public transport is the cheapest method of Transport in the island. Well developed transport system allows you to reach any part of the country for a very reasonable price.
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