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5 reasons why you should consider Sri Lanka for holidays

5 reasons why you should consider Sri Lanka for holidays

Unlike most other holiday destinations in Asia, Sri Lanka is not widely visited by travellers around the world. The number of travellers increased by more than 300% by 2008 after ending the civil war in 2009.  Even though this tropical island is endowed with a large number of natural and man-made attractions, in terms of a number of holidaymakers it is still low compared to many other holiday destinations in the region. Political issues such as civil war, which ended in 2009, and poor infrastructure could be a reason for tourists to ignore the island in the past. But today the island is free from terrorism and infrastructure is well developed such as roads and railways, allowing people to get around the country swiftly.

According to the experts in the tourism field, the island is one of the best holiday destinations in the world. In fact, it was chosen as the best holiday destination in the world by lonely planet recently. Sri Lanka is also one of the most affordable long-haul holiday destinations in the world. Due to these positive comments on the island, the number of tourists visiting the country has shown a remarkable increase during the past several years. I would like to highlight 5 reasons which make Sri Lanka a great holiday destination in Asia.

Buddha statue, 5 reasons why you should consider Sri Lanka for holidays

Historical attractions

Sri Lanka is one of the very few countries in the world that is continuously inhabited since the Stone Age period. The ancient civilization existed on the island have left their memories in the country. These great achievements of the ancient artisans and engineers are mainly concentrated in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. Most of the achievement of the ancient engineers and artisans of Sri Lanka is on par with in terms of skills of ancient Egyptians or Romans. The construction such as Jetawanarama Dagoba (1st century BC) was the largest Buddhist construction in the Buddhist world and it was as big as the second pyramid in Giza. There is a large number of such ancient constructions with artistic and engineering value in the island, showing the rich historical past of the island.

Cultural diversity

Sri Lanka has a fascinating blend of vivid cultures. For example the island’s major ethnic group, Sinhalese shows a living style that unique to the group with a large Indian influence. While the second most important ethnic group, Tamil show a south Indian living style. Muslims are the third most important ethnic group in Arabic culture. Other minor ethnic groups such as moors, boras, burgers, Chinese, etc show their own cultures with own identity. Wedda community is one of the most important ethnic groups in the country and it is the most ancient culture in the country. Wedda community is originated from the people, who lived on the island during the Stone Age period. But their importance as a major ethnic group was subdued by the other ethnic groups, who arrived later such as Sinhalese. Today Wedda community is restricted to some forested areas, south of central mountain range.

Real holiday climate

Sri Lanka is a tropical island located in the Indian Ocean just south of India. Being a tropical country Sri Lanka Weather can be described as warm throughout the year. The four climate seasons do not exist on the island. Sri Lanka weather is greatly influenced by the monsoon wind and which divide the climate into two periods known as rainy-season and dry-season. The weather pattern in the country allows you to spend your holiday under a clear sky at any given time of the year. But depending on the time of the year it is either west or eastern part of the island. November to April is the best period to travel to west coast while April to November is the period for holidays in eastern Sri Lanka.

Wildlife galore

Despite one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Sri Lanka has been able to keep the balance between the development and natural wealth. Sri Lanka is still an important Bio-diversity hot spot in the world. Many parts of the country are still untouched and designated protected areas. There are many wildlife reserves and forested areas in the country, accommodating a large number of species of fauna and flora. Here you have the access to a wild game like Leopards, elephants, wild boar, crocodiles, deer, buffaloes and, many other animals in their natural habitat.

Value for money

Value for money is another important reason why you should consider Sri Lanka for holidays. Sri Lank holidays is surprisingly affordable compared with most other holiday destinations in Asia. The facilities such as accommodation are also can be found in many categories such as star class hotel, boutique hotels, guest house, holiday bungalows, etc. Therefore you have the option to find a suitable accommodation for your budget. However, the expenses for your Sri Lank holiday package varies in large depending on the time you travel to the island. If you plan your holiday package at the right time where least number of tourists hang around, you will be able to save a lot of money.

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