100 best blog posts written on Sri Lanka tourism

100 best blog posts written on Sri Lanka tourism

A warm welcome to the 100 best blog posts written on Sri Lanka tourism. Below you find the 100 best blog posts written on Sri Lank tourism, we are hoping these blog posts going to help the crowd a lot. Planning a tour is very crucial, when it comes to the success of the tour, especially for foreign trips.

We need tons of information to decide on the accommodation, travelling to and within the destination, places to visit and much much more. Usually, we dig the www to find information on our holiday destination but it takes time.

We spend a lot of time on the screen while changing the search term, but in some cases, we still do not get the information we need. You might be exhausted and frustrated but don’t worry, this blog post helps you to plan your next Sri Lanka road trip.

We are planning to bring 100 blog posts written on Sri Lanka tourism into one single page in order to make it easier for travel-hungry people to find information in one shot, all blog posts are related to Sri Lanka tourism and they are written on Sri Lanka tours, excursions, attractions, accommodation, beaches and much much more.

You can find most of these blog posts written on Sri Lanka tourism on search engines, in fact, we found most of them while we were googling. But in order to find all these blog posts, you need to refresh your query at least 60 times. Because they are visible under different keywords.

That’s why this blog post is handy, in one search you have all the blog post with tons of information only on Sri Lanka. We have categorised the blog posts according to the content and under 5 topics. We are trying to differentiate the blog posts in our best and populate them under 5 different broad categories. It helps the users to filter the information easily.

We have categorised the blog posts under the general information, travel tips, Sri Lanka food tour, transport, accommodation, tours and activities. There is a large number of blog posts added to the internet on a daily basis and some of them are directly related to Sri Lanka travel. So, if we do not refresh this page, the document gets stale and refused by the crowd. Therefore we regularly refresh this document and renew the list with the most relevant blog posts every month. Below 100 blog posts are the 100 best blog posts written on Sri Lanka in the last month.

Several blog posts from one website can be mentioned in the list on multiple occasions. Because if a blog contains several posts on Sri Lank and they are highly useful to the readers we do not neglect any of them, even though they show-up under 1 URL.

In order to be fair on all blog writers, we have a special formula to judge on the posts. Basically, the content of the blog post is the key to make into this list. We thoroughly consider the truthfulness of the content on the page, because we found that some of the blog posts are written on presumptions and fact are and correct. Still google rank them high in the SERP.

The categories remain more or less the same all year round and we are making a twist on them only when it is required, but the grading formula remains the same.

We do not pay much attention to visual factors but more on the content and its truthfulness. We have noted that some of the very good blog posts written on Sri Lanka tourism are nowhere within the reach of a google search. That’s the weird part of SEO, and your content is not visible even you have the best content. I believe most of the blog posts listed here are new to you.

If there is a blog post written on Sri Lanka tourism that should be given a spot on the list please make a comment and give us the URL. If you can make a hint on why it should be on the list even better. There can be a blog post we have left-out purposefully or by accident. We will consider your suggestion and put into the list.

Formulating this 100 blog posts written on Sri Lanka tourism was a daunting task and took many months of time. First, we have shortlisted the prospective blog posts that we encountered while we were surfing the internet and links suggested by our readers. Then we slowly went through the content of each blog post one by one and made the final output. This process helps us to produce only the highly useful and information-rich blog post to the readers. Let’s go to the list!

General information

  1. bordersofadventure-travel to Sri Lanka from tourism boycott to new beginnings
  2. Bemytravelmuse – the cost of travel in Sri-Lanka
  3. Phenomenalglobe – Sri Lanka travel budget
  4. Nomadic Matt- Sri Lanka trip planning guide
  5. Fromicetospice – our top 6 beaches of Sri-Lanka
  6. Danflyingsolo – Sri Lanka travel guide
  7. Intrepid travel -Sri-Lanka travel guide
  8. Saltinourhair – Sri Lanka
  9. Outlanderly – top things Sri Lanka
  10. AdventurousKate – Sri Lanka what took me so long
  11. What’sdavedoing – budget travel guide Sri Lanka 
  12. YAMU – 7 great things about living in Sri Lanka
  13. Travel blog
  14. Bluebaytravel – a 3 pronged approach to Sri Lanka
  15. Itsadrama – Srilanka travel blog
  16. Indianholiday – choose Sri Lanka
  17. Adventureinyou – Sri Lanka travel tips
  18. Handfulsofmoments- Sri Lanka travel guide tangalle
  19. Findingtheuniverse- two weeks in Sri Lanka itinerary
  20. Jensetgo- Sri Lanka it’s not India
  21. Statravel –  female travel Sri Lanka safe
  22. Wanderluststorytellers- travelling to Sri Lanka
  23. Time fo India –  emergency in Sri Lanka
  24. Cheapoair- 12- reasons why Sri Lanka should be on your 2018 travel bucket list
  25. Gapyeartravelstore –  10 things to do in Sri Lanka
  26. A-girlwhotravels-  win a trip to Sri Lanka Anthropologie
  27. Secretescapes- Sri Lanka travel guide
  28. Hannatravels –  beaches of Sri Lanka which one do you choose
  29. yogawinetravel-  an epic elephant safari in udawalawe national park in Sri Lanka what you need to know
  30. Itsadrama –  bog diary 2 Sri Lanka travel blog
  31. Backpackertrack –  mirissa beach travel guide
  32. Melliandshayne –  Sri Lanka
  33. Ohhcouture –  Sri Lanka travelguide
  34. Travelnation –  easter break in the sun family-friendly Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Food

  1. Flightcentre – why Sri Lanka should be your next culinary adventure
  2. styleinsrilanka- 10 reasons why Sri Lanka is the perfect foodie destination
  3. Migrationpology-  Sri Lankan food 40 of the islands best dishes
  4. Timeout –  street food in Sri Lanka 
  5. Thefoodie miles –  best Sri Lankan restaurants Colombo
  6. Sri Lanka tour and holiday –  Colombo on a budget, finding the best and cheap eats
  7. Wonderfulwanderings- Sri Lankan kitchen curry
  8. Turquoiseholidays- Sri-Lanka
  9. Airfarewatchdog – 11 delicious ways to experience the best of Sri Lanka/
  10. Seerendipitytours – Sri Lanka in style and eating rice and curry in Colombo

Sri Lanka Transport

  1. Olankatravel – private car with a driver in Sri-Lanka
  2. Nerds nomad – Sri Lanka train travel Ella Kandy
  3. Joshgeller –  back to Sri Lanka the resplendent isle
  4. Lonely planet –   local-transport
  5. Interpidtravel-  Sri Lanka travel guide
  6. Bluelankatours –  ultimate guide transport Sri Lanka
  7. Soultravelblog –  train travel in  Sri Lanka
  8. Girltweetsworld –  train travel in Sri Lanka
  9. Ritchyfeet- renting a tuk tuk to drive around Sri Lanka
  10. wildfrontierstravel – carriages wheels tracks and a memorable journey
  11. Wavesnbackpack – train in Sri Lanka
  12. Adventuretravelfamily – Sri Lanka train Ella Kandy
  13. Journalistontherun- Kandy to ella train


  1. YAMU – Sri Lanka hotels in the wild
  2. Aluxurytravelblog – top 5 hidden hotels of Sri Lanka
  3. Timeout – where to stay when travelling to the south
  4. Danflyingsolo – best hotels Sri Lanka swimming pools
  5. Worldtravelfamily – cheap family accommodation Sri Lanka
  6. Saltinourhair – hotels guesthouses Sri Lanka
  7. Originaltravel-Sri Lanka honeymoon
  8. Insightguides – 7 best boutique hotels in Sri Lanka
  9. Yohobed – how to plan an affordable beach holiday in Sri Lanka
  10. Theaussieflashpacker – luxury on budget Sri Lanka
  11. Girltweetsworld – what to see where to stay in Sri Lanka


  1. No-nonsense tips for beginner surfers and beyond- guide to surfing in Sri Lanka
  2. Travel triangle – things to do in Sri Lanka
  3. Handfull of moments –  Sri Lanka travel guide-Ella
  4. Miss tourist –  Sigiriya Sri Lanka see climb
  5. Nerd nomads – sri-lanka-itinerary
  6. Sri Lanka in 99 days –  the martin Wickramasinghe museum
  7. Global hepl swap –  things to do in Ella Sri Lanka
  8. Worldtravelfamily –  getting to dambulla from Kandy Sri Lanka
  9. Tourmyindia –  best-family attractions Sri Lanka
  10. Findingbeyond-  things-to-do-in-ella Sri-lanka hill country
  11. World family travel –  things to do galle Sri Lanka
  12. Justglobetrotting –  10 top things to do in kandy Sri Lanka
  13. Wheressharon –  places to visit in galle Sri Lanka
  14. Jonesaroundtheworld –  arugam bay
  15. Sunshineseeker –  top 10 things arugam bay
  16. Wanderlust –  9 best things to do in Sri Lanka
  17. Dynamic lives –  childrens activities sri lanka
  18. Dynamic lives –  sri lankas best surfing  beaches
  19. Findingbeyond –  things to do in ella sri lanka hill country
  20. Atlasandboots –  things to do in trincomalee Sri Lanka
  21. Globalgrasshopper –  10 beautiful places visit sri Lanka
  22. Wildfrontierstravel –  hidden-treasures-of-northern-Sri-Lanka
  23. Wildjunket –  tracking-wild-elephants-kaudulla-national-park-sri-lanka
  24. Travelreltriangle- best-places-to-visit-in-kandy
  25. Nomadicboys – trekking-to-ella-rock
  26. Bemytravelmuse –  trincomalee-arugam-bay-sri-lanka-east-coast
  27. Jonesaroundtheworld –  midigama-weligama-learning-to-surf-in-sri-lanka
  28. Wheressharon – south-coast-of-sri-lanka-mirissa-weligama
  29. Zegrahm- sri-lanka-parks-we-visit
  30. Theyoganomads –  guide-to-climbing-adams-peak-sri-pada-in-sri-lanka
  31. Worldwanderingkiwi- sri-lankas-most-beautiful-beach-talalla
  32. Traveljunkiediary -adams-peak-trail-a-monsoon-memory