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Why you should travel in Sri Lanka

These are some of the reason why you should travel to the island, in order to enjoy beaches and gather some knowledge on some other valuable aspects of Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, some travellers have forgotten all the other attractions other than beaches in the country and spend their entire holiday on the beaches. If you plan to visit Sri Lanka, try to organize a tour and visit some of the major attractions with natural, historical and cultural value.

Sri Lanka is a tropical country with an amazing diversity of natural and man-made attractions. Thousands of kilometres of sublime beaches bordering the Indian Ocean and geographic features such as coves, bays, rocks, lagoons, and wetlands are the major attractions along the coastal belt. The sudden upheavals of earth form the mid-elevated areas and high elevated areas of the country. These mountains are shrouded in mist and clouds creating some fantastic unique scenery.

The beauty of Sri Lanka is most evident in the countryside of this tropical island. Sri Lanka, the most popular holiday destination in the Indian subcontinent is bestowed with a large number of forest reserves and national parks. Different elevation of the island shows totally different climate, vegetation, and scenery. The attractions in the lowland of the country are dominated by palm-fringed beaches while mid-elevation areas of the country are attractive due to the beautiful countryside. Higher elevated areas of the country rise more than 1400 meter above the sea level and dominated by mountains, escapement, large rock formation, escapements, ravines, and waterfall. Following are some of the beautiful scenery captured in different parts of the country.


Sri Lanka shows a tremendous diversity of nature, culture, landscape, and climate across the country. This tiny island is one of the most beautiful tropical islands in Asia. It is surrounded by pristine palm-fringed beaches, which attracts hundreds of thousands of holiday lovers. Beaches are the leading attraction for foreigners in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka beaches provide the warm, sunny climate that can be used for holidays throughout the year. Depending on the monsoon it can be either South-West coast or North-East coast. Consult your travel agent before coming to the country and find out the best beaches to have holidays.

Underwater world

Sri Lanka is on the radar of diving enthusiasts for many hundred years. A large number of silver coins were recovered from the seabed, off southern Sri Lanka in the early 1800’s. Since then many numbers of shipwrecks are discovered by divers along the Western and Southern coastal belt. Shipwrecks, Coral reefs, sea plants, and exotic fish species are the major attractions of the underwater world of the coastal belt of Sri Lanka. There are many diving hot spots around the country; most of them are located along the southern and western coastal belt.

Climate Zones

Another major attraction of Sri Lanka is the diversity of natural resources across the country. Due to the different weather conditions of the wet, dry and arid climate zones, one can see a big difference across the major climate zones. Forests, landscape, agricultural products, humidity, temperature are some of the most evident differences of these climate zones.

Historical cities

The historical cities are some of the must be visited places on the island. Ruined cities such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Yapahuwa show the grandeur of the Sri Lankan history. Sri Lanka is one of the very few countries, which is continuously inhabited since pre-Christian era. Most of the places in the cultural cities are named as world heritage sites by UNESCO, due to their historical importance. The historical cities are showcasing, where this ancient advanced civilization was in the fields of engineering and constructions, healing methods (Ayurveda medicine), art and craft, beliefs (Buddhism, Hinduism), international relationships, international trading and political power in the region. The ancient Sri Lanka civilization was on par with other thriving civilizations in the past.  Moreover, the rulers of ancient Sri Lanka had a very close relationship with other powers such as roman and Chinese and helped each other in many ways.

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