Currency of Sri Lanka

History of Sri Lanka Currency

Currency of Sri LankaEarliest used currency of Sri Lanka was known as Kahapana and it was called eldings in English, Puranas in Sanskrit. Kahapana was a coin with symbols one side of it or both side of the coin. According to the historical evidences they had been in use since the 3rd Century BC. The coins were made of metal and they were in varying shapes such as rounded, rectangle, square or oval. Most of the coins discovered were made of silver.

Currency unit that was known as Kahavanu was in circulation in the island from around 7 to 8 century AD.

Currency of Sri Lanka during the colonial rule

At the Beginning of British government of Sri Lanka first retained the denomination of the Dutch monetary system, namely the rix-dollar divided into 12 fanams or 48 stuivers of 192 challies. The madras administration, however, kept its accounts, as in Madras, in star-pagodas, Madras fanams and