Sri Lanka customs seizes a large consignment of illegal ivory

ivoryA large consignment of ivory was seized by the authorities of Sri Lanka customs on 22ndmay 2012. The containers with ivories were on the transshipment to Dubai via port of Colombo. Shipment had been originated in Kenya. The ivories were hidden in one of the three containers which supposed to be containing plastic materials for recycling. Four hundred ivories were recovered from the container while it was hidden in with recycling material.

The stock of ivory believed to be of South African origin. Naturalists say that large number of elephants must have been killed to get a stock of ivory in that scale. It is estimated that around 250 elephants had been killed to get the ivories. The stock of ivory believed to be worth around 36 million rupees. Custom authorities claim it is been one of the largest illicit ivory consignment discovered in the country. Further to authorities it has been transshipment and there is no Sri Lankan involvement in the incident.

The authorities of Sri Lanka will conduct the further investigations with help of international police. In the shipment of the ivory, Sri Lanka used as the transit country in the supply route. Malaysia had been one of the mostly used transit countries in the illicit ivory trade route in the past, but with more and more seizure of illicit ivories, traffickers changes the routes constantly in order to elude the authorities.

Normally when the shipment of illegal ivories enters Asia the documents are changed, there by the shipment appears to be re-exporting from that particular Countries rather than an onward shipment.