Guide to the Dambulla cave temple

Guide to the Dambulla cave templeDambulla cave temple is located near the city of Dambulla, on a granite rock which rises abruptly from the ground. The climbing of the granite rock is starting from the eastern side of the rock. The first few meters of the climbing goes through the slightly slippery stone surface and several steps in between. At the end of the initial climbing, there is a platform, where one can have a nice view over the beautiful surrounding. There are numbers of street vendors here, who are selling souvenirs, artifact, post cards, T-shirts, shirts, flowers and fruits for visitors.

The rest of the climbing to the temple is much easier than the first part due to the well formed steps. The steps are broad and wide even though they may be bit high. There are about 250 steps in the second part of climbing and takes about twenty minutes to reach the end of the steps. The entrance of the temple is located after the second part of the climbing and one can have a magnificent view over the surrounding vegetation from the main door. There are number of rice field and tanks around the Dambulla rock. Dambulla is located in the dry zone of Sri Lanka and the area is grown with dry zone ever green vegetation. Beautiful isolated hills also can be seen from the summit of the rock. One can see the Sigiriya rock from the distance, if the weather is clear. One reaches the inscription of King Nissankamalla from Polonnaruwa at about half way up on the climbing after the platform.

Second part of the climbing ends up in a open flat area on the rock and the entrance to the Dambulla cave temple follows.