Bauddhaloka Vesak Zone and Buddha Rashmi Pooja

Vesak 2012 Sri Lanka - Bauddhaloka Vesak Zone Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka will be illuminated again from 5th May 2012 in parallel to the celebration week of Vesak 2012. Organizers are expecting record number of crowd in this year too. There will large number of exhibits can be seen at the Bauddhaloka Vesak Zone in 2012.

Bauddhaloka Vesak Zone is one of the oldest and most important events in Colombo, which is organized to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and passing away of Buddha. The event is organized by the Ceylon Buddhist Congress (ACBC). Bauddhaloka Vesak Zone was started in 2000 under the guidance of Dr. (Mrs.) Milina Sumathipala. Designated area of the Bauddhaloka Vesak Zone is starting in Borella junction and ends in Thunmulla Junction.

There are many places in Colombo make arrangements for a elaborate Vesak 2012 such as “Buddha Rashmi Pooj” which is organized by the Gangarama temple and the president secretariat.

Other than the large number of creative exhibits from the participants of the event there will be many activities throughout the celebration of Vesak 2012. Mediation campaigns, Bakthi Gee, Drawings and Paintings competition are few events attracts the attention of the crowd.  People are welcome to produce attractive and creative exhibits for the Bauddhaloka Vesak Zone and there will be cash prices for the best exhibits.

The Buddha Rashmi Pooja

The Buddha Rashmi Pooja will be organized for the 5thtime with the collaboration of Gangaramaya Temple and the Presidential Secretariat. The event will be held for duration of one week in the ‘Vesak Kalapaya’ (designated area for the celebrations). Vesak festival is the most important annual event for the Buddhist world, which commemorate the events of birth, enlightment and passing away of Buddha.

The event consists of many cultural and religious events and the Buddha Rashmi Pooja is a concept of the Hon president of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapakse. The official illumination of Vesak Kalapaya will be held with the participation of President and other important dignitaries. The Vesak Kalapaya can be visited from 7.00 PM to dawn on the next day. The event is decorated with large collection of exhibits of lanterns, pandols that shows some of best craftsmanship.

The designated area of the ‘Vesak Kalapaya’ consists of Pittala Handiya (Pittala junction), Jmae Peiris Mawatha, Navam Mawatha, Galle face and Perehera Mawatha.  There will be large number of decorations around the Beira Lake, Seema Malaka and Gangarama temple. Illumination of separate areas in the Vesak Kalapaya will be done by the security forces as usual.  Large number of exhibits will be expected from private and government institutions, organizations and individuals. Best exhibits will be selected under different categories such as individuals, organizations etc and valuable prizes will be distributed. There will be many activities to entertain the visitors other than the exhibits. Staged dramas depicting Buddhist stories, Bakthi Gee, puppet show, food stalls (Dansel) distributing the food free of charge.

Vesak 2012 Buddha Rashmi Pooja Buddha Rashmi Pooja will also be participated by school children of 35 schools in the island. They will be presenting exhibits with religious, historical, cultural and social importance. Separate corner called ‘Vesak for Children’ will showcase Bakthi Gee sung by the school children. There will be performance organized by armed forces, popular artists, organizations and institutions. Perching of Damma stories and discussion will also be conducted with participation of many dignitaries.

Buddha Rashmi Pooja has become a popular event in the country, which showcases one important aspect of Buddhism known as Amisa pooja. This cultural event shows the dedication of the people the Buddhism. Buddha Rashmi Pooja is not attracting only the Buddhist community of the island but also the people of other communities such as Hindus, Muslims, and Burgers etc.

Non-alcoholic week from 3rd of May to 9th

May is declared by the ministry of Health Sri Lanka. All the liquor shops and public bars will not be allowed to sell alcohol during the designated period. The declaration is due to the Vesak festival, which falls on 5thMay 2012. Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country and government is discouraging the consumption of alcohol mainly due to the religious principles.

Mathata thitha” full stop for the alcohol is a program, which started, with intention of reducing the alcohol and other drugs in the country to zero level.  Maintaining the rules and regulation will be carried out by the ministry of Health Sri Lanka with three other ministries. According to the ministry one objective of imposing non-alcoholic week is to preventing the fathers consuming alcohol during the Vesak week.

The program will be supported by the ministries of education, Public administration and Youth affairs. All District Secretaries, Divisional Secretaries, and Grama niladaries (Village officers) will be notified by a special circular.

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