Adventure holiday – part 3

adventure tourism

Water rafting

If you are looking for more adventurous and action packed water sport than canoeing, white water rafting is one of the ideal activities for you. Water rafting is a great fun not only for experience but also for first timers as well. One can choose the grading and rapids in water rafting according to the limit of adventure one dare to have. Kitulgala off the Awissawella is well known for white water rafting in Sri Lanka. Turbulent water of the Kelani Ganga (Kelani River) provides some of the best places for water rafting.

Turtle watching

There are eight sea turtle species living in the world and Sri Lanka is the home for five species of sea turtle. One can rarely find a country where as much as five species to be found in the one place such as west coast Sri Lanka. Sea turtles are visiting the West, South and East of the island regularly in order to lay eggs. Sea turtles are considered as a threatened animal species in the world and they are well protected within the borders of the island owing strict animal conservation rules and regulations of the country. Number of animal that are nesting in the Sri Lanka shore is raised in the past and now they can be observed often in the Sri Lanka shore. Especially West coast is popular for turtle watching in the island. Fascinating experience of watching turtle can be often experienced in the area of Kosgoda and Induruwa. In these areas one can visit a Turtle Research centers and turtle conservation centers managed by some organizations and individuals.


Caving is a fascinating adventure activity of adventure tourism, which is relatively new to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a country with large number of caves and they are spread all over the country. Surveying, exploration, photographing and mapping are main activities involved with caving. Batadombalena that is located in Sudagala is one ideal place for carving. Batadombalena is recognized as one of the caves, which was inhabited in the pre-Christian era. There are some stone implements dating back to Stone Age were found in the vicinity. Skeletons that were found in the cave are belonging to the prehistoric man.  Wawulapone Cave another cave that is famous for its stalactites and stalagmites. As the name denotes (“cave of bats”) it is the dwelling place for hundreds of thousands of bats. It is believed that the caves are dating back to 500 million.

Whale dolphin watching

Sri Lanka has become a major spot for whale and dolphin watching in Asia. Whales and Dolphin can be seen in the Sri Lankan water especially in southern coast and East coast. December to April is the best period for Whale watching in the southern Sri Lanka off the Dondra point. A chance of spotting Sperm and Blue whale in the area is 95% during this period. Sri Lanka is located in the international whale commission area of the Indian Ocean. Same time Sri Lanka is located in the migration path of Whales. Owing these two reasons there are large number of whales are living around the island making it one of the best whale sighting places in the world. Kalpitiya in the East coast is popular for Dolphin watching specially from November to March. Eastern Sri Lankan water off Trincomalee becomes a whale watching spot from June to September of the year.

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