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Flying squirrel which believed to be extinct is back

The Flying squirrel (Petinomys fuscocapillus) was recorded in two south Asian countries of India and Sri Lanka, it was spotted more than 100 years back and since then it had been disappeared from the world and made to think the … Continue reading

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Rate of deforestation in Sri Lanka

History of deforestation Dwindling tropical forest cover is one of the serious environmental issues in Sri Lanka. Deforestation started with the British rule in the island at the beginning of 19th century. Historical sources suggest that the island’s tropical forest … Continue reading

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Last remaining primeval rain forest

Sinharaja Forest Reserve is the last remaining primeval rain forest in Sri Lanka. It considered being the most valuable natural wealth of the island. Sinharaja is declared as a World heritage site and Biosphere Reserve from the UNESCO owing to … Continue reading

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Oldest humna settlement in Asia-Pahiyangala

Location of Pahiyangala This cave is located in the remote area called Yatigampitiya in Sri Lanka and surrounded by the thick wilderness. This eye catching environment is abundant with very precious varieties of woods such as Teak, Mahogany, Palu, Weera, … Continue reading

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Tons of silver recovered from the sea bed

Sri Lanka is an island surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the island was known to be a very popular trading point among ancient Navigators. For example Godawaya was a port located in south-west Sri Lanka and traders from Greece, … Continue reading

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Dead Python reappeared from the ground after 10 days

It was October 2011 that we found a python in the back yard, while we were clearing the backyard. I hired few people to do the clearing around the house, since it was taking lot of time for one person … Continue reading

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Human Development Report 2011

Launching of Human Development Report 2011 took place in Copenhagen by UNDP Administrator Helen Clark with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. The report was launched under the title of “Sustainability and Equity: A Better Future for All”. With the release … Continue reading

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How to become rich

Rich… Rich… Rich… that’s what everybody needs to be. Almost all of us like to be rich because we need money to have comfort and luxury in our life. Money can you get you lot of things that you need … Continue reading

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Practicing meditation during holiday in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tropical destination for holidays in the Asian region. But Sri Lankan culture and tradition shows considerable contrast to other major holiday destinations such as Thailand and Maldives. Sri Lanka is predominantly a Buddhist country and attracts … Continue reading

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Asian female tusker recorded for the first time in the history

Authorities of the wild life Sri Lanka has made a very rare discovery of female tusker in the recently concluded elephant census in the island. Survey was conducted in August 2011 covering the whole island. Reports of the survey revealed … Continue reading

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