Sri Lankan Ayurveda medicine for, hypertension, Heart disease, Cholesterol, Diabetes and Cancer

natural cureIndia is considered to be the native country of ayurvedic natural healing method, today it is used in many countries in the world as an alternative healing method. History of Ayurvedic healing method goes back to the mid-second millennium or verdict period of the country. Suratha and Charaka samhitha encyclopedia (medicine), which was compiled during the mid-first millennium considered as the foundation of this age old healing method. With the research on medicine and surgical method on Ayurveda, for the last century, practitioners have developed various methods of treating for different ailments.

Eighty percents of the people in India practice the natural healing methods such as Ayurveda. The Indian Medical Central Council Act was passed in the Indian parliament in 1970 aiming to standardize the qualifications and provide recognized institutions for Ayurveda studies and researchers. There are more than 100 institutions in India, which offer higher study facilities in Ayurveda. There are more than 100 institutions in India, which offer higher study facilities in Ayurveda. Indian government encourage the development of Ayurveda and support the research on the healing method same times government helps institutionalization of Ayurveda.


Ayurveda is a plant-based healing method, in which 100s of plant based products are employed other than the plant based products use of animal based products also sometimes added in the  production process such as bones, milk, and gallstones.

Sometimes alcohol based medicine is used as narcotic for surgeries while the oil based products are used for stopping bleeding. Oil is used in number of ways in Ayurveda for example as a food, smearing, anointing, body massage and applying externally on the affected area.

Sethsuwa Pranajeewa is Oil based traditional Ayurvedic herbal medicine that used more than centuries ago is produced by a Sri Lankan Ayurveda medicine . It is considered to be more than 200 years old and it proved to be successful in treating for heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension and cancers patients. Properties of the medicine make an ideal cure for other ailments such as asthma, paralysis, skin diseases, and catarrh.

Ancient formula of Pranajeewa considered being more than three thousand years old. Present formula is more than 200 years old kept unchanged in the past. This medicine is made of over 200 herbs found in south Asian countries. The production process of Pranajeewa takes more than 4 months, in which cut and dries herbs are simmered in containers over 4 months. This continues process helps to extract and absorb the valuable properties of the herbs.

Medicine is made of 100s of herbs including in the list below;

Sesame oil, Pracatory(root) , Margosa seed oil, Castor seed oil, East indian satinwood(bark, Mee tree oil, Bael tree root, Fishberry(whole), Lebbektree bark, Spanish Pellitory(root), Indian birthwort (whole), Pabaru root), Himalayan Fir(bark), Edible Neem(bark), Agarwood(trunk), Aswenna(whole), Siamese Ginger(trunk) , Garlic(whole), Atis potato(root), Distillers Acacia(bark) , Indian Abutilon(whole), Lakewood(bark), Saga seed(root) , Calamus(trunk), Spiny amaranth(whole), Aloe vera juice, Sathkuppa root potato, (Danti) Baliospermum root potato, Anuptto (root) , Mountain Ebony (bark), Barleria (root), Winter melon juice, Mustard seed, Indian Barberry (trunk, Cumin seed), Bitter orange juice, Ceylon calumba (trunk), Croton root oil, Indian shot (trunk), Senna leaves, Guggul (whole) , Corriander (seeds), Phillipine Lime root, Wild Gourd (whole) , Velvet leal (whole), Colocynth-Bitter apple (root), Tolabo (bark) , vine of Sodom (whole), Indian Laburnam (bark), Country Borage (whole) , Iriveriya (whole), Turmeric (trunk), (seed), Ceylon cinnamon (root) , Coriander/Cilantro leaf, cyperus root potato, Horse Gram plant (seed), Vidanga (seed) , Horn-of-plenty root, Wild Cardamom (seed), Perumkayam juice, Indian Coral tree root potato, Banyan tree bark, Asiatic Beechberry (bark) , cluster sig (bark), Ghee, ‘Chinese’ potato(Ala beheth) root potato, Malabar Tamarind pulp, Makybush beech (bark), Ambretta plant, Na-piritta root, itemidesmus indicus (root), Baleria (root) , Katu, Ikiriya (root), Goats’ Foot Creeper (root), Jungleflame Ixora/Sacred Ixora(root) , Malabar Nut tree (root), Koem Ptena Galangal (trunk), Woodapple (root) , Akapana leaves, Thunpath cinamon (root), Black musale (whole) , Walapathpadagam (whole), Cobras’safron (bark), Nutmeg/Mace Fruit, Ironwood Flower (part), Cow hage pant (seed), Indian Butter Tree (Flowers), Ground Margosa , Sesitive plant/Sleeping grass (whole) (whole), Box Myrtle root potato, Jatamansi (Spikenard scrapings’oil) , Weeping Night Jasmine (root), Lotus seed, Heenbovitiya (leaves), mongoose plant (root) , Sacred Basil (whole), Indian Trumpet flower (root), Pomegranate (peel) , Turpeth (root), Screwpine (root), Pavatta (root) , Betel root potato, Aurnedcnane birbat (whole), Scarlet -fruited gourd, Bastard tree (root), Black pepper (seeds), Emblic Myrobalan (fruits) , Gan -kollan Kola (leaves), Long pepper fruit (bean), Indian Beech (bark) , Firebrand Teak/ Deccan (root), Skunkvine (whole), Ceylon Leadwort (root) , Hellebore (root), Indian Madder (trunk), Indian snake (root) , Castor oil plant (root), Messenger of spring (root), Gajathippili fruit (bean) , Kuth/Costus (fruit), Sandalwod (trunk), Sesamum Orientale oil, Kothalahimbutu (trunk), Marking nut tree (root), Ashoka (bark) , Wild eggplant (root), East Indian Globe, Wild Snakegourd (whole) , Thistle (whole), Potia tree/Tulip tree (bark), Manna of bamboo pulp, Heart-leaved Moo seed (root), Fenugreek (seed), Myrabalans (Gall-nut or inknut) , Ajowan (seeds), fruits, Anguna root potato, Chinese Chaste tree/ Five leaved Chaste tree (root), Aswagandha root potato, Ginger (trunk) , Winter root potato, Eraminiya (root).

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