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Sri Lankan Ayurveda medicine for, hypertension, Heart disease, Cholesterol, Diabetes and Cancer

India is considered to be the native country of ayurvedic natural healing method, today it is used in many countries in the world as an alternative healing method. History of Ayurvedic healing method goes back to the mid-second millennium or … Continue reading

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Step by step tutorial for using Mod_Rewrite

Apache Mod_Rewrite module is a really powerful, handy and cool feature in Apache Web Server. With Mod_Rewrite, you can show a different URL than the actual URL. You will also help your website make it more search engine friendly by … Continue reading

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One of the greatest environmental problems – deforestation

Forests are very important to the environment because they use carbon dioxide (CO2) and produce oxygen. They also provide shelter and food for many different types of plants and animals. Today with the global warming is on the rise people … Continue reading

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Galle fort – The best preserved fortified city built by European colonial power in Asia

Galle is a beautiful city in the southern Sri Lanka which is 118 KM south from the Commercial capital of the island. Galle is been considered as an important historical city and which is declared as a world heritage site, … Continue reading

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National parks in Sri Lanka – Lunugamvehera

Lunugamvehera national park Sri Lanka is covered by rare trees and home to many endangered animal species, Lunugamvehera national park has become a popular destination in the southern province of Sri Lanka. The national park is situated bordering the Udawalawa … Continue reading

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Sri lanka wildlife – Kiralakele

Mangrove forest as the local name (Kirala Kele) denotes; this magnificent wet-land covers 1800 hectares and located in southern Sri Lanka off Matara. It is comprised of marshlands, irrigation canals, and mangrove habitats with large collection of Sri Lanka wildlife. … Continue reading

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Kandy the best of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the destination that devoted to the teaching of Buddha. And it is the main reason for many travelers to choose the island for their holidays. The culture, tradition, customs and devotion to the religion makes this island … Continue reading

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Colombo Attractions – Beira Lake

Beira Lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Colombo. It is located in the heart of the city adding natural beauty to the surrounding area. Recently the surrounding area and the lake were given a considerable face … Continue reading

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Power of love-one of the greatest love stories in the Sri Lanka history

Saliya Ashokamala is one of the most popular historical love stories in Sri Lankan history. It is one true example which shows that love is second to none. One of the main characters of the story Saliya was born to … Continue reading

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Most beautiful yet cheapest holiday destination

With the winter season nearby lot of people are looking for a destination for their winter holidays.  Some people willing to go for skiing while some others are willing to spend their holiday in a warm tropical country. Sri Lanka … Continue reading

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