3 Attractive UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country with one of the oldest cultures in the world. Therefore, Sri Lanka offers large number of historical and cultural attractions that inspires travelers in many ways. Sri Lanka is also a land of great natural beauty that travelers find both exotic and accessible. Therefore it is not a surprise that a majority of the UNESCO world heritage sites in Sri Lanka has either historical or natural importance.

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A Useful Guide to Your Trip to Colombo

Colombo is the commercial center of Sri Lanka and it is not just a city with economical importance, but it is also a beautiful and astonishing city in its own right. The sheer varieties you will find in Colombo take you by surprise. No other city in the south-Asian region can match the vibrancy of Colombo. The architecture of many of the buildings you see in Colombo essentially the British. Same times the city shows the characters of large developed cities in the world. Continue reading

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5 reasons why you should consider Sri Lanka for holidays

Unlike most other holiday destinations in Asia, Sri Lanka is not widely visited by travelers around the world. Even though this tropical island is endowed with large number of natural and man-made attractions, in terms of number of holiday makers it is very low compared to many other holiday destinations in the region. Political issues such as civil war, which ended in 2009, and poor infrastructure could be a reason for tourists to ignore the island in the past. But today the island is free from terrorism and infrastructure is well developed such as roads and railways, allowing people to move swiftly around the country.

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Sri Lanka Destination for more than just Beach Holidays

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Wild about Sri Lanka

Wild about Sri LankaSri Lanka is a tiny tropical island in Asia where wildlife abounds, where you can scuba dive, snorkel, trek, bird watch, kayak, canoe, hike, and mountain climb all in relative isolation in the lap of Mother Nature. Sri Lanka is a heaven for delicious seafood: shrimps, crabs, oysters, scallops and many other varieties of fresh fish are abounding here. Continue reading

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Wildlife Reserve Wasgamuwa

Wasgamuwa is an important wildlife reserve in Sri Lanka and it is located about 225 kilometers from Colombo. if you are on a short visit to the island it is not the proper place to have a wildlife holiday, while it needs at least two days to see the fascinating wildlife when you start the journey from Colombo. Wildlife Reserve Wasgamuwa Continue reading

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Three Local Drinks to Taste in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is not a destination for brewery-touring or wine tasting tours. Because Sri Lanka does not have huge wine growing areas or beer-brewing centers like Germany, Italy or France. But if you like tasting native alcoholic beverage of the countries you travel, then there are several alcoholic beverages you need to try in the island. It is possible to pick several places for your tasting trips mainly in the western province. These trips give you the opportunity to taste traditional beverages. It is very difficult to find organized tours and beverage tours in the island but it can be organized as a special event on demand. However Sri Lanka is country that produces large amount of alcoholic beverages and consumption of alcohol is also at high level among the people. Following are several locally manufactured beverages to taste in Sri Lanka. Continue reading

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Beach Holiday in Sri Lanka

Beach holiday in Sri LankaSri Lanka the tropical beach holiday island in Asia carries a tremendous historical, cultural, natural and spiritual significance. It is the country where Sinhalese, Buddhist culture originated and flourished. Sri Lanka is the center of Theravada Buddhism in the world and the divine country to protect the teaching of Buddha. It was heavily battered by the western colonial rulers in the past. Starting from 1505 Portuguese ruled the lower elevated areas of the country for about 150 years then Dutch and English about another 150 years each respectively. The development of the island had been heavily subdued under the colonial administration. It also had made a huge impact on the culture and tradition of the island. Sri Lanka received the independence in 1948 from British administration, starting a new chapter of Sri Lanka. Continue reading

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One Week Sri lanka Cultural Tour Itinerary

Sri Lanka being a small country, you will be able to see large number of top sights in the cultural triangle and in the island in seven days or less. You also can have a bit of rest while visiting the sights. You will be able to get a lifetime of memories and experiences by visiting places such as temple of the tooth, Sigiriya rock fortress, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa historical cities during your Sri Lanka cultural tours. Enjoy the rants life of people in Colombo and Kandy.One week tour itinerary for Sri Lanka and cultural triangle

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6 beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tropical island and offers so much more than the high octane travel destinations it has become famous for. By exploring little more than what offered in a package tour, you will encounter isolated coastline, evidence of a great ancient civilization, peaceful wildlife reserves, and primeval rain forests. Where the most beautiful place in Sri Lanka is located is highly subjective, following are 10 beautiful palaces in the island to visit during your next holiday.


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