Holiday In Sri Lanka-How Much Does It Cost

For most people around the world Sri Lanka is a totally unknown country. And most of them do not know that same country was known as Ceylon in the past. Therefore recalling the tiny Indian Ocean Island “Ceylon” might give you a clear picture about this tropical holiday destination known as Sri Lanka today. Sri Lanka is popular holiday destination in Asia but the tourism industry in the island was going through lot of hardships due to the devastating civil war. As the war was ended in 2009, Sri Lanka is back on the track and has become an important destination for travelers around the world. Today Sri Lanka is visited by nearly 2 million tourists a year. Continue reading Holiday In Sri Lanka-How Much Does It Cost


Unawatuna Beach, Sri Lanka

Unawatuna beach

The history of Unawatuna goes back to several thousand yeas and it is lavishly adorned by Valminki, the author of Ramayana. According to Valmiki it is,

“a seashore dotted with thousands of trees, coconuts, and palms dominating, strings of houses and hermitages along the coastline, human beings and superior beings such as Gandharvas, Siddhas, and ascetics, living in them and countless bejewelled celestial nymphs thronging the shore, the coast intermittently visited by heavenly beings, Gods and demons.”: Continue reading Unawatuna Beach, Sri Lanka


Foreign Tourists gather in Sri Lanka for Spiritual Comfort

Dagoba in anurdhapuraThe number of tourist arrival in the island of Sri Lanka is increased by more than 100% since the end of ethnic war 2005. Large number of holiday makers is drawn to the beach resort areas, while another considerable number of them are drawn to the cities such as Kandy, Anuradhapura, Dambulla and Polonnaruwa, where they enjoy the spiritual comfort besides the overwhelming natural beauty. Wildlife reserves, patches of forests, archaeological sites, Buddhist temples and Hindu temples are the major attractions here.

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Sri Lanka Scenic Mountains

adams peakDriving towards the interior of Sri Lanka to encounter the mountains can be a time consuming and adventurous drive with many twists and turns. The road to Nuwara Eliya, Bandarawela, and Ella has large number of turns from Colombo. But you barely notice them as you stare out the window at the densely covered hills rolling like waves into the horizon. It is green as far as one could see, and the visitors are struck by the beauty of Sri Lanka’s mountains. Continue reading Sri Lanka Scenic Mountains