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About Us

We are small group of people, who are working in the tourism trade in Sri Lanka for a long time. Most of us have more than 10 years of experience in the trade. Some of us have being in different field such as IT, Hospitality, Airlines etc too. What is common among all of us is, we have experience being tour guide lecturers. All members of our group are Sri Lanka tourist board declared national tourist guide lecturers. We have knowledge being in the trade and conducting tours with foreigners. We are mainly catering to foreign tourists. Members of our team speak more than two foreign languages and everybody speaks English very fluently. We are using our experience and expertise, when it comes to serving our valuable clients. We are being very successful serving our clients so far, Reason might be our expertise and knowledge. When somebody books a holiday package with us, everything related to the booking taken care of us. We never entrust outsider when it comes to dealing with our clients. On a successful booking one from our group will be in Constant contact with you till your departure from Sri Lanka. We know that you are very conscious about your safety and security in a foreign country and we believe it is our duty to make sure your safe and secure.

We are still a small company and we are not in to the mass tourism. We are mainly catering to small groups and individual tourists. We are providing un-comparable personalized service, unlike most tour operators we donít entrust third party to do your tours or arranging your accommodation.

With the boom in tourists arrivals to the country, cost of services and facilities sharply increased in the country and Sri Lanka is more expensive than it had been. But being in the trade for long time, we know how to get the best for your budget. Budget is immaterial for us to arrange your holiday in Sri Lanka. There is something for every budget here, we have star class hotel where people pay 2500 $ night and same times you can find an accommodation for about 50 $ night. Let us organize the best package for you, depending on the budget. What you have to do is enjoy the holiday.

Write us on our contact page and briefly describe what you expect from us.