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5 great destinations for Sri Lanka solo travel

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5 great destinations for Sri Lanka solo travel

Freedom is at it best when you hit the road your own with the backpack. It might be bit intimidating being solo in a foreign soil but you will understand that your worries are baseless, as soon as you land in Sri Lanka. Be it a solo travel, you are well on your way to an enjoyable independent trip with your Sri Lanka solo travel.

Sri Lanka has long been an important holiday destination for solo travellers in Asia. This exotic destination has pristine beaches with torque water, mountains, fantastic seafood, bustling cities, a well-trodden tourist routes and affordable prices for lodging and other facilities all are major factors to one of the top countries in the world for travelling.

When you have a Sri Lanka solo travel, you might feel that you are stick out, especially if you have a fair skin. Because take the attention of common folk naturally because of your skin colour, but there is no harm, Sri Lankans are very friendly and helpful. You are most welcome in any public gathering with a warm smile because the local people treat the visitors with great respect.

It will be interesting and enjoyable with Sri Lankan local people amidst the colourful chaos of Sri Lanka cities and markets. Even you are on Sri Lanka solo travel, looking to hop in a coach with a bunch of travellers who booked a package tour, Sri Lanka is perfect holiday spot for yours.

It is always wonderful and risk-free to team up with friends and families, all the while a Sri Lanka solo travel, join one of the Sri Lanka road trips organized by Seerednipity tours for a hassle free affordable Sri Lanka tour.

5 great destinations for Sri Lanka solo travel

What to expect

You can expect breathtaking scenery, UNESCO world heritage site after UNESCO world heritage, delicious spicy Sri Lanka food that is cheap, fresh, mouthwatering and as good as anywhere else in the world. Sure, you will be bit uncomfortable (hello, crowded buses in Sri Lanka) but when you are deprived of comfort you make again in monetary form. One of the exciting things about Sri Lank travel is how easy it truly is. unless you choose to go off the beaten track, communication will not make any trouble for you, as most people in Sri Lanka able to communicate in English. Sri Lanka has been a popular tourist destination for many decades, Sri Lanka tourism industry is well developed and people in the industry know how it is done, so enjoy the ride.


You can have your Sri Lank solo travel on a super cheap budget (you can think of the expenses to $35-$40/day ). But proper planning is essential to keep it under the allotted budget. You can find the accommodation at around $10 per day and you get the best what you pay for (single room with attached bathroom, ceiling fan and cleanliness). But it can afford to splurge just about $15 more per day, you can have a nice single room with air-conditioning and private bathroom. You will be able to indulge yourself on a western meal once in a while, and you will be able to travel by air-conditioned buses and get a seat in a Class 1 compartment for your train ride.

There are cheaper versions of accommodation as well such as dormitories and you get what you pay for (think bunk beds, common bathrooms, no fan, and questionable cleanliness).

If you are comfortable with local food, it is possible to eat like a king for a few dollars. A dinner plate with rice and curry with fish or meat cost around $1 US in local restaurants. A steaming bowl of noodles with accompaniments about the same. If you opt for your own cooking the meal cost will be unimaginably cheap, because all things that you need to prepare a meal is super cheap in Sri Lanka. If you go for a rent-room and stay for a few days in 1 place you have the perfect opportunity to make foods your own. Wherever you come from you find all the ingredients required to prepared your delicious meal.

Getting around Sri Lanka

Getting around Sri Lanka in your solo travel is pretty easy (It might not be the epitome of luxury), with a large number of possibilities depending on the buying power. Air-Sri Lanka airlines are the leading airline that connects Sri Lanka to the rest of the world, if you have flexible travel plan you can secure a damn cheap flight between Colombo and major countries in the world (India, Australia, England, Australia, Thailand etc. ).

Bus – Bus quality varies from region to region. Long haul routes have good buses with comfort, but you will not find sleeper variety here. Buses are available in 2 flavours. Buses without air-conditioning and buses with air-conditioning. Try to stick to buses with air-conditioning because it is very warm hear and especially for the foreigner it might be unbearable when the buses are fully packed it might make even warmer.

Train- Sri Lanka has a well-developed rail network providing easy access to many parts of the island, in fact, some rail routes such as the Kandy-Elle rail route should not be missed at any cost because they are unimaginably breathtaking. There are 3 classes of compartments in trains (class 1,2 and 3), while long-haul train provides sleeper compartments as well. Seats of Class 1 is the most comfortable with air-conditioning and comfortable seats, and they are very less crowded too. The train is the cheapest form of transport in Sri Lanka and most hassle-free.

Vaccinations for Sri Lanka

Vaccination is an important part of your Sri Lanka solo travel, and it is worth to pay your attention to it. The best advice we offer is to visit your doctor in advance of the Sri Lanka solo travel and take his/her advice. Sri Lanka has eliminated diseases like polio, malaria but it is advisable to have routine vaccinations of DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus), MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), and polio but not essential. It is also advisable to have Hepatitis A, B, Japanese encephalitis and Typhoid.


A few years back visa rules were changed in Sri Lanka making it essential to have the visa for every foreign traveller. The cost of Visa is varied depending on the country of the traveller. The cost of the visa for travellers coming from SAARC countries are lower than the travellers from other countries. The travellers could obtain on arrival visas in the past but not anymore. Only travellers from few countries have the privilege of receiving on arrival vias. The tourist visa is valid only for 30 days and travellers should present at the Immigration department if they need to have an extension. There several ways one can obtain the visa such as presenting at the Sri Lankan embassy of the respective country or applying it online via the website. Please check more details on the link below.


Where to go in your Sri Lanka solo travel

Sri Lanka encompasses more than just these 5 cities, and I’ll get to other important places (Anuradhapura, Nuwara Eliya, Trincomalee, Jaffna etc.) in the future blog posts. Usually, about 1 week time is enough to blast through all these cities, seeing the highlights and move fast. One can even spend weeks or months in one location and explore it in detail. It all depends on the time you can afford to put into your Sri Lanka road trip and the budget.

Look into below carefully picked destinations for a best Sri Lanka solo travel.


Colombo is a fast developing city and a colourfull metropolis. Located near the shores of Sri Lanka’s west coast, Colombo has been on Sri Lanka tour itineraries of foreign travellers for decades, though this does mean many parts of Colombo are very busy commercialized places with all year round hustle and bustle. However, the ancient part of the city has been able to retain its old world irresistible charm, which entices the travellers to drop into Colombo again and again.

Colombo is the best place for solo travellers in Sri Lanka. You will encounter a large number of foreign solo travellers here, It means the life will be easy for your with like-minded people. Colombo is the best place to start your Sri Lanka solo travel because finding accommodation, meals, places of recreations is never been so easy in any part of Sri Lanka like in Colombo. In fact, the accessibility to Colombo is very simple because the city is just 30 minutes away from the international airport.

Beach stroll in Hikkaduwa

Catch some warm light on the palm-fringed beach in Hikkaduwa, Where you find a large number of hotels and other accommodation facilities only a few feet away, Catch some gentle sea breeze that will lull you to sleep. Hikkaduwa is best known for Sri Lanka solo travellers and has earned the reputation as the heaven for backpackers in Sri Lanka. Enjoy a Candlelit seafood barbeque dinner in a beach restaurant and enjoy the breathtaking view over the sunset on the horizon. Or drop into a nightclub and have your overnight on the dance floor, where you find many other fun-filled activities. Hikkaduwa is the place to have unique travel experiences such as diving with the sea turtles.


Elle, backpackers paradise in the mountains, located towards the inland from beach areas of Sri Lanka, this hill country city has earned a reputation as an oasis for backpackers over the last several decades. The hill country resort is surrounded by never-ending mountains, ravines, escapements and various other geological features. Elle is a heaven for adventure lovers with many spots for trekking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, caving etc.

Sitting on top of the mountains, a large number of eateries, guest houses, cafes and bars dotted around the city. Elle is a quiet laid-back city and many travellers show-up here for leisure. Choose from yoga, Ayurveda sauna, massage and Elle is a place to merge with relaxing easygoing lifestyle.

There are a number of archaeological sites in Elle if you are interested in history. Don’t forget to have breathtaking train ride through the mountains if you happened to travel to Elle, because the train journey is the loved activity here. All in all, Elle makes one of the fascinating destinations for Sri Lanka solo travellers. Even it is for 1 days it will be a reason to be happy, but it is likely to be longer because this charm laid-back city pulls you in.


It is good if you like to explore a historical city with rich culture and tradition. Because Kandy is the city for the most sacred city with the temple of the tooth relic. This is one of the must be visited places for any foreign travellers. Temple of the tooth relic is a world heritage site and it is the main hotspot for every visitor in the city. Adjoining the temple is the Kandy lake and behind the temple is the Udawattekele sanctuary. The city is filled with affordable accommodation facilities such as dormitories, guest houses, rest house, and eateries, as well as many activities for travellers such as sightseeing tours, shopping, city-hopping etc.


Galle is a charming city with strong colonial influence, which is located down south Sri Lanka. The Galle fort is the main spot, where most travellers ended-up when they travel to Galle. here it is all set for travellers with the real holiday vibe. The fort demarcated by a high-rise wall from rest of the rest of the country and you feel being in a totally different era because everywhere you see it is old Dutch architecture. Here you do not lack opportunities with affordable accommodation, restaurants, pubs, museums, galleries and beaches. Even though you arrive here alone, here it is easy to find like-minded people and enjoy your holiday.

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